Monday, August 28, 2023


 Charlotte waiting with her Daddy at Vet's

Charlotte wanting attention

The heart flower garden has filled in 

I run the dishwasher usually once a day. This is 5 gallons professional for 10 gallon water dishwasher. My dishwasher is 5 gallons so I will use half of what they say to use which is 1 ounce which is 2 tablespoons. I will use 1/2 ounce which is 1 tablespoon. SO I  have soap for 1280 loads. That's 3.5 years for us. 

Hubby asked for a colored tablespoon so he would know it goes to the dishwasher soap. I told him it didn't matter what color the tablespoon was as it needed to go in the dishwasher after he put the soap in... I'll be putting the soap in as he acted confused. 

Daughter 4 came up to clean the garden shed, she started in the 1st bay of the barn when she realized I still had not got through the last boxes of Daddy's stuff. Then she sorted the garden stuff that was in the 1st bay. While she was lecturing (admitting she struggles with letting things go), all of a sudden she stops and asks why I am having trouble getting up and down. Hubby answered, because we are old.  HUM. She offered to come up once a month if we can give her gas money and she can borrow her older son's car as he has the only car in the family that is safe to drive long distance. She has NO car as she blew her engine. That is the 3rd kid to do that. What part of check your oil and get your oil changed do they not understand SIGH. She told her dad that the idiot light didn't come on. 

I cleared the garden shed while she helped her Dad load the truck to take stuff to Goodwill. There is a truck load of garden pots to go to B or the other greenhouse. We have a couple tools we no longer use that I think M would take, a child's snow shovel for sure. The "trash" bags that need to go to trash is on the barn porch. ALL of them are bubble wrap or foam that no one around here accepts. Daughter 4 made sure I would finish the 1st bay as she put everything in front of the metal cabinets that has the toilet paper in LOL.

Ten bucks with the new job she won't be able to come up at all. BUT It's a good start and I now know not to give Hubby boxes for burning as he doesn't burn them.  I told him to take the large boxes over to M that we set aside. She uses them to cover the floor when they butcher. He said he will do that later this week, if not done by Friday I will do it .

He spent last night at the hospital with his Dad who had a tumor in his colon removed. They took 12 inches of the colon also. He has refused chemo. Seeing what it did to Mother at age 80, can't say I wouldn't do the same. Hubby is swinging by to see his mom and check to see if the grass needs mowed. His Dad can't do ANYTHING for another 7 weeks. No driving, no mowing, no house keeping as he runs the vacuum cleaner. NOTHING. MIL is going to be driven nuts.

Great grandbaby had VAD surgery as she's 33 weeks and they have to be 36 to have a shunt put in. She is doing better as the brain bleed has clotted.  She is sucking on a pacifier so they are looking at taking the feeding tube out this coming week if she sucks longer on the pacifier.  They have a bedside camera on her so her older sister (and her parents ) can look on the phone app and see how she is doing. Older sister says baby has a boo boo and tells her good morning and good night and she loves her. 

Hubby has been referred to ENT due to losing his voice in late afternoon/ evening. He called our primary as he had not heard anything for two weeks. They called the ENT, they are on vacation, so he wouldn't hear anything until probably the first week of Sept unless the partner comes in and starts earlier. Our primary doctor said it's taking longer and longer to get people into specialist. A lot of them are now checking with insurance to see if they can get paid. Once we go on Medicare, it shouldn't be as hard or long.

His appt with the neurologist is Nov 1st for testing for feeling in his legs and plan for his dementia. 

He did get a laugh , I was checking the calendar, checking my to do list and he asked what I was doing. I answered I thought I was forgetting something and was checking to see what it was.... he thought that was funny that I thought I forgot something. I did forget something, that was to finish fall cleaning the pump house. It's done now.

I am wore out already and it's only Monday.

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be