Saturday, September 30, 2023

I am glad we have 3 bathrooms day 4 of covid

 two in house and a two holer out house because Hubby was coming from the barn and had to pit stop in the out house LOL. One of us will say, got to go and the other will yell thanks as we both head to the bathrooms.

Hubby thought I was dumb for ordering 10 boxes of Imodium from Amazon until last night when he went through the box by himself (Doc okayed it when you are going like a water faucet turned all the way on)

He complained of being nauseated. I handed him meds and he asked what it was, it's throw up pills shut up and take it. He came back with I don't get motion sickness ( I do) The look I gave him he said was not friendly so he shut up and took them. Ten minutes later told me thank you it helped. Said this is reminding him on my bad crohn's attack... how do I know if its covid or crohn's. It's both combined. I just got to make sure I don't dehydrate to stay out of hospital.

We are snacking instead of eating. All 6 kids and several grandkids told us to not try to eat regular meals but snack and drink every hour. That is working, Hubby is using apple cider to keep the sour metallic taste out of his mouth, I am using lemon cough drops. I did point out the apple cider might be helping him having to go more to the the outhouse (SNICKERING). Said it was worth it to kill the taste.  Must be bad because this man doesn't have much taste buds to begin with.

Usually day 3 is the worst... not for covid or at least not for me. Day 4 started at midnight right along of sleeping on the toilet. SIGH. Glad the hospital gave me baby diaper cream LOL.

Won't be doing anything today....

oh well I will be living in the bathroom today. Guess that is doing something... what it's not doing is living in a hospital room like my foster sister did for a week when she got this.


Friday, September 29, 2023

Here we go

 Daughter 2 spent yesterday in the ER... with Son 2 as we couldn't be there as his next of kin. Son 2 said it was worse to see her sit and cry as she is terrified of her baby brother dying and dealing with her dad nearly dying and afraid I will die of heart failure or crohns. He did get her to make appt with her shrink while sitting with him and then stuck her with making HIS follow up appts with all his doctors and HIS Shrink.

Daughter 4 (who would have handle it better )was babysitting granddaughter so her daughter could be with her baby girl as she was having surgery again. Premature birth, fluid on brain, VAD and shunt was not working so changing which side of brain shunt is on. Granddaughter didn't tell us because we put out Son 2 was in ER. Her line of thinks was we are already praying daily for this child and there is nothing else we can do. As we already paid their rent. What we could do. 

Son 2 was again having heart event. Not heart attack. He had tons of tests (just like his Dad did) and in now in the follow up appt hoops along with seeing his civilian and VA primary doctors and getting refers to Cardiologist and GI for fatty liver (Tylenol and drinking , but he quit both over a month ago so he's not dealing with withdraw now). 

Daughter 2 was in ER over weekend for sever sprained ankle. Now in boot and crutches. She explained we couldn't be there because we both had covid for the first time. 

Doc said even though it's safe for food to be canned while having covid, he knows me and doing 14 to 21 jars plus is too much the first 5 days. I am to rest (I struggle to rest on Sundays) On Day 6 (because Day 5 is Sunday) I can do 14 jars a day for a week. THEN mentioned so CAN HUBBY.As Doc does the canning (in fact we have another couple that the man does the canning) so he figures Hubby can do it also. My line of thinking , I'll do the canning (put jars in , take jars out) and he can process the food to the jars... which is a lot more work. Guess we could flip who does what (that is not happening at all as I know my Hubby), he will take jars out and take jars to basement.

A friend told me trouble comes in 3s. SO Hubby's dad cancerous bowel tumor, Hubby's heart attack and great grandbaby born too early was the first 3, Hubby's covid, grandson in Army came out due to damaged knee, daughter 2's ankle is second 3. My covid, Son 2 heart event ... we are missing one and I am okay with that. GEEZE.

Do we get to count M's brother getting electrocuted and it past through his hands and feet?? Since we were the one to get the message... fun trying to pass phone calls to Amish while you have covid. I now have a sign on door not answering due to covid. My UPS guy honked until I stepped out and told me he put us on his church prayer chain AGAIN. No one around here can find out what he was doing around electricity to begin. It's not something they are usually around even when working construction site they ask the electric not be on until they are done.  

I need to pay bills


 M sent the 3 little ones over. They each has acorn squash. We were thinking she got ran over... hummm nope. Little E "harvested" our compost and took them home for dinner. They explained they were ours and he was stealing food from us which made him cry. Hubby thanked him for harvesting them for us, just to ask the next time before he picks them. Actually we had missed them when harvesting pumpkins. Which Little E let him know the rest of the pumpkins are ready also. They have to enforce not stealing strongly.  E told us later that Little E said he should have asked his Dad first if it was okay to ask us if it was okay to pick them. I struggled at first to follow that statement LOL. 

We both were a little upset that they came down so strong but we understand their faith isn't tolerant of it at that age. He is old enough to know it's on our property so it's ours as he is 6. M was upset with E because the child crossed the FENCE to get to our compost pile AKA Hubby's garden as it seems every year something grows in it.  And E didn't realize the kids were not with him. He has them help clean up the saw mill (not near the actual saw). SO E got in trouble also.

THEN the widow on the other side thought the birds had ate all her cherry tomatoes and come over and asked if she could harvest some of ours No problem as they ran us over. Hubby asked if the little ones (what we call E's kids that aren't in school) had been over to see her as they think of her as a grandparent. YES they had. We told her about Little E and the squash. She stopped and asked Little E if he had ate her little tomatoes and he told her that the 3 of them did. M sighed. Widow told her she's not feeding them enough if they are looking for food else where. M came over and told me what was said and I backed widow. I also pointed out that they are looking for veggies so she needs to increase that serving for them.  E stopped two days later and said the kids are eating twice as much as she was serving them and they both told them that if they are still hungry to say something. I told him that when they see the pan is empty they think there is no more food so they might offer to make something. She's went to having raw veggies in the spring house for snacks. Told E that the kids ate through 3 large zucchini she has cut up like cucumbers like I suggested in one day (she was happy the zucchini was ate as her's is still coming on) She harvest her potatoes early just to have another veggie on the table. They have watermelon and cantaloupe daily   She already puts bread on the table every meal and has some kind of dessert. I told E best buy more material as M was going to need bigger clothes as that means they are growing. He sighed. Widow said she was there when he passed that message on and M sighed also but walked over and made a list to send with the oldest to school as the school teacher's mother does the fabric for the community. LOL  I was like ..she doesn't have to go shopping (isn't that nice)for material as they all wear the same fabric and basic colors. Boys pants are blue, wear brown, green, gray or blue shirts. White shirts for boys in summer or church. Girls dresses are brown, gray, green, and blue Church pants and dresses are black. It came home yesterday as the kids in the back of the buggy waved it at me as they passed.  LORD only knows when she is going to get more time to get more clothes made. She's already up at 3 now getting laundry done so she can start canning after that. I can see her lamp on in the wash room. I should have asked when they hold church, if she's lucky it will be Nov and the ladies all come over to help do a deep cleaning of the home for church so she won't be doing it with just the kids over the weekend when the kids are home to help.

We all told them to not feel bad, their kids should know they can say they are hungry to them. M said she told the kids to pick their tomatoes to eat, I told her they could come over and pick our cherry tomatoes as we have more than plenty. I notice she had the older kids come over after school and pick a basket of cherry tomatoes. We got a dozen eggs and a pie sitting on the porch for us. 

Monday, September 25, 2023

Maple tree forecast

 I have noticed the last few years that the east maple tree starts turning about 4 to 6 wks. before the 1st snow. It started turning 2 weeks ago.

She's watching to see if I come up through E's pasture. 

This year it's turning faster than last year. 

I need to get the stove cleaned and ready and the front porch set up for wood. Hubby is allowed to move wood (with breaks) starting next week. Since it's load the tractor bucket and move it we should be able to handle it with breaks. 

Tomatoes need picked LOL. I did get 14 quarts of pears canned, am making pear sauce of what is left.

This week... back to ER


We ate the last of the leftovers except biscuits

I got green beans done. 

I planted 6 varieties of garlic so that took 6 garden beds out from spring planting.

We bought a very old apple press. Hubby is bored. Right now we have E's kids pick the apples, E takes them to the cider press guy and we pay to have apple cider. E paid for the cider this year so we only got 1 gallon. His oldest boy went with Hubby to get the press (he made sure Hubby wasn't lifting). Hubby showed him where the Scioto river starts as it's runs past his grandpa and uncle's home. We will have to learn how to use this press. It takes about 40 apples to make a gallon of cider.


Appts are time suckers. 

Worse when you already don't feel well and your great PA( I've watched him take on his own boss to back me) decides to become a wall and not listen. He thinks I should suck it up and get rid of what ever to pay for biologics when I am on Medicare. I finally told him I would when he paid my mortgage for the farm, the taxes and the insurance. He frowned at me over that. Doesn't want me to go back on the OTC meds I was on that worked before the company was sold and the idiots that bought it changed the formula to be worthless. Wanted me to have blood work done to find out if my biologic is not working (really? Like having break throughs every other time doesn't tell you that? and Not having that done either because I am not paying $250 for it) and was not happy when I said I would ONLY if I didn't have to pay out of pocket. One of the nurses told the doctor he is under and HE called me. He told me to pay the mortgage, do what ever holistic I needed to do and take the old formula (his wife takes it also). He grew up poor, he understands, knows he grandparents had to go without meds due to costs, has watched his parents at times do the same and even though he is a doctor, he is not a rich one and knows at some time he will make the same choices. What he does see is the ones that never had to make that sacrifice, or their parents hide that from them.... are clueless and are really going to struggle when they get older.

We stopped on way home at Hurley's Farm. We know they sell a variety  of winter squash. They even had the baby butternut so Hubby got 3 of them, we picked up 2 more Acorn squash (A's wife B  had a couple) I picked up 1 spaghetti squash. It's a so and so on our like list but it's another veggie on the table. We also got carrot cake, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and fry pies, pumpkin, blackberry and buckeye (we have no freaking clue but hope for peanut butter and chocolate)

We went and got my meds the PA insisted I have even though the ER put me on antibiotics.  Doc told me to NOT take that strength To take half (pharmacy back that as Doc called them to fix that order) and I can't take it while on antibiotics. 

We had sausage gravy over the leftover biscuits. Both of us is calling it an early night.

Saturday, Hubby was doing odd jobs in the yard and E come ask me if Hubby was allowed to do that before he stopped him. GOOD NEIGHBOR. Yes he is allowed. As of Saturday the 5 lb. weight limit was lifted though I noticed he still put the brace on the wrist that they used to enter his artery. He did some small odd jobs that has been on the list forever. Got the info to fix the solar pump then had to find old computer as the new one doesn't do ethernet cable and you have to have that to program it. He is going to let the company know they need to update how to program it. 

THEN  we were back to ER... this time not for us but Son 2 who is single was in ER. HE was vomiting, shaking, and BP was high. They thought heart attack. ER called and told me as he couldn't hold phone due to shaking. I told them his BP runs high, his old doctor refused to put him on meds because he was active duty and he is retired. ASK HIM when he last drank water instead of pop.... he couldn't remember... yeah. He was dehydrated. His VA doc and civilian doc now know he has a problem. His follow ups are this week. He also knows to lay off drinking pop when he is working a family day at the VFW or at least drink water every other time as they have bottle water. 

Not only that STUPID drove himself instead of calling the squad AND went to an ER that isn't connected to a hospital so would have had to transfer him to the hospital that was actually closer to him that the squad would have taken him to. HE got that lecture from the ER doctor and then another about having his parents who both had been in the ER in the past week drive 2 hrs. to come get his car and drive him home. 

Wait until Daughter 2 gets ahold of him as she is only 15 minutes from him and could have took him to the ER (attached to hospital) if he was that freaking concerned about squad bill. We thought he had called her and she wasn't able to go get his car and him... 

OF COURSE, that retriggered my Crohn's and Hubby's BP was up so we sat around on Sunday enjoying the decent weather. Hubby brought up how stupid it was for Son2 to drive himself to the ER with a possible heart attack. I said he is his father's son since he just was going to drive himself to Urgent care and WAS having a heart attack. 

I do have to order mesh bags for the apple press. Hubby wanted a ladder to use to get things out of his tool box on the back of the truck. I told him to use the freaking steps built in the end of the truck. He was not happy with me but I made it clear he was just being lazy and if getting into the bed of his truck using those steps was too much he needed to sell that big truck and get something smaller he could manage. 

Then he said something about buying another vehicle... NOT now, we have hospital bills to pay off and the next vehicle we buy I am picking out as it will be the one I drive the most. I am not just going after something that isn't a good fit and definitely not when I know there are bills in the thousands to be paid off. He got nasty mouthed (which is not his norm, well wasn't his norm until the dementia started that they know think was caused by his heart issues). I can handle nasty mean mouth. Mother was the champ in that contest. He came back two hours later and said he was sorry and figured he made the Crohn's worse... I asked for his BP... it was up also. HE sighed. Made note on his phone of talking over with his Cardiologist about his blow ups as he put it. I told him he was a grenade not a bomb if that would help. Got a laugh out of him but he was quiet the rest of the night which was peaceful. 

I know we don't NEED another car at this point. He is not working so we can balance doctor appts BUT I also know the work truck costs more to run as it's diesel.

He is struggling with what is a want vs a need. 

He can start on the wood shed this coming week. 

Thursday, September 21, 2023

I have to laugh.

 Hubby just got up to go to potty... I was thinking he was up so I went to go lay down... before I get back to the bedroom I hear him tell Charlotte to go lay down he was going back to sleep... AND HE IS already back to sleep. He has NEVER been able to go right back to sleep.

 I got her to curl up on the couch across from his chair he is sleeping in, Tucked her in since she has her nose up her butt means she is cold. I noticed Hubby has an extra blanket so I turned the furnace up 2 degrees... the front room will be 70. 

I can see the widow on the other side of E is up and outside with her dog in the dark as she has a flashlight and is following the dog with it. It's a little dog that had been her late mom's and then her late husband. 

The widow on our other side is out on her deck... H's dog is over there and she is shooing it home. He is the Amish that property comes up to the side of ours. Even though his lane is on the other road it's nothing for his kids or dogs to "visit" coming around the other pond at the other's neighbors.  

E and the kids are out doing chores, flash light all over the place. Kerosene light in the barn so the girls are milking in the back stall.  

I think about if I had lost him.  Our wills etc. need update. That phone call is for Monday as that lawyer is on vacation. Our old will would stand but still we need to update as Ohio changed the inheritance rules.   

He made a comment about I needed help to do a couple things, E pointed out in front of me that if I can't do it NOW while he is alive, means I need to change it as he wouldn't be here if he was dead. I was glad he said it before I did. 

BUT it is a fact. 

I need to be able to back the 350 (aka work truck) and back it with our small trailer and the wood wagon. 

 I need to know who to call for maintenance for that tractor. I know who does the 350, the Silverado and the zero turn lawnmower. I can call the widow to our south to find out who works on her mower for our other mower we used for spraying the lane. I would need name of good tow truck if the truck went down. 

I need to be comfortable with tractor and changing equipment Daughter 2 told me to youtube it. Daughter 4 backed that, seems both do it for household repairs even though they both rent. I can do household repairs but I don't do anything connected to propane. I have the number of appliance repair guy, son of an old classmate. 

I wouldn't need to cut my own wood as I could get scrap wood from sawmills (we have 4-6) that sell that. I would need a truck or suv to pull that wagon. If I got to car I would need to have someone deliver it to me. Might not save enough doing that. 

I need to be comfortable with running the chainsaw and wood splitter.

I would need to remove all the phone numbers off his phone and put on mine as he makes the calls to the repairs guys. 

BUT could I do the work here?  

Yes, I wouldn't raise as much garden unless I was selling it at auction (possible thought as income would drop by 25 %)That would also be a way to stay connected to community and have purpose to get out of house. Maybe grow plants for just one person and sell little sets of different plants "1 or 2 person" as I definitely didn't need 4 to 6 of each variety I got. 

But all the rest. Yes I can do it, I can age in place. He just has to quit hogging the tractor etc. LOL  

SO far behind. ... LANA I have question

Lana, what was the holistic site you suggested?.... my GI  and a couple friends (one has RA and can't afford her 3 biologics) would like to look at it. 

I did get the tomatoes that was picked canned as pasta sauce. But I haven't been to the gardens.

The garlic is in to plant for next year's garlic. That will be today. 

 I got one more round of zucchini to go in dehydrators. Still have a few for a fresh dish. 

I still need to wash potatoes and put them in storage. 

I need to deal with watermelon. I need to reorganize the frigs as there is a lot of fresh produce that needs ate NOW.

I told Hubby we are having pork, sweet potato, brussels sprouts and carrot cake Saturday... he looked at me and then laughed. First day of Autumn . 

I still need to do the fall cleaning including the wood stove and winter curtains as it sounds to be a doozy coming at us and maybe earlier than late Nov. which is usual for us.

Primary Doc is a friend, he told Hubby, he can cut wood with chain saw but not lift wood to buzz saw. He is to have the Amish neighbor kids pick the wood up and stack it or I can. He can use the gas motor splitter but not by hand. As his doctor he can advise, as his friend of decades he can put his foot up his butt. Since even his friend from where he worked as been on him, the friend that Hubby saved his life doing chest compressions when he dropped from heart attack at work... he is listening. HE had a doctor appt yesterday.. just a lot of paperwork but it was an 2 hr. drive to it. He told the nurse he was going to set his phone alarm for 30 mins. and take a nap in the corner of their waiting room before he drove him. They took him back to their break room so he could lay down on the couch. She called to let me know he was taking a nap before heading home and their head nurse was going to listen to his heart before he would leave to make sure nothing was going on. They are medical for his brain. Definitely a good office to care beyond their specialty. 

I need to look for part D for myself. LOL I know I am doing straight Medicare (already talked to all my doctors) and I will get Medigap from AARP (been member for 10 yrs) so Part D is the last part. I've looked a bit but need to finalize that so on Oct 1st I can just slap that on and have it set for Jan 1st (I turn 65 in Jan) 

Hubby has had the doctors he is seeing now to take both his medical cards so it's 1 time of doing paperwork. He just has to remind them to remove the other insurance next month. The one was so excited as it removes the preapproval crap (their word to Hubby). 

Hubby's new Cardo doctor that works here in town besides over to the hospital one town over. Made a point of going past our house. Took one look at the gardens in front of the house. She asked if we grew dried beans. Not this year as we have 150 lbs.  of them in storage. Said put them in the rotation of eating 3 to 4 times a week. Hubby shook his head, nope wife has Crohns. So she said once a week for me and four for him. Then he told her I canned part of them so we could have a quick meal. No sense buying canned refried beans when I can open a jar I canned for the same thing. I can eat a little of beans at a time, but not back to back days. Refried doesn't bother me at all... or hasn't yet.

 Since Hubby has been in hospital , Charlotte has been waking me up at 2 and as long as I am here in dining room until Hubby wakes up she will leave him alone and she sleeps. I think she is "nurse on duty" until 2 and I get the next shift. I am okay with it. I can go back to sleep.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

SIGH... at ER


Dropped off bow that E dry shot (yes he know better but he did it anyways so now he has ours so he can hunt) to be fixed. Says right on his box that he stores it in to NOT dry shoot it.

Dropped of E's bank deposit

Had Hubby's follow up appt with primary doctor. He cleared him to remove bandage and lift more than 5 lbs. Talked about changing a prescription.

Walked into the parking lot and I said, we are going to UVMC, I've had enough of this Crohn's

WELL... either the Crohn's started the raging UTI that I had NO symptoms of or it triggered the Crohn's... I guess 6 one half dozen another. ALSO my potassium was low but now I understand why I kept feeling we were missing something with me not feeling well.

SO now on meds to "clear up" UTI which will make the Crohn's worse before it starts clearing up

On the good side... this will wipe out what is left of MY out of pocket for the year.  I just need to come up with the cash SIGH.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Hubby sent me this

 They now have phone charging on the hospital bed railing... GEEZE.

He was stressing about the bills coming in. I called the insurance company and she gave me a ball park figure of $2500. Normally they don't pay for the ambulance but since the doctor ordered it and it was for transport to a hospital to do surgery... if they don't pay it to appeal it to be paid. We have a good part of that in the money market and since the bills will take 2 months to get to us after insurance etc. I have plenty of time to save up the rest. I'll probably just pull it from savings so he can see that money is there and stop that stressing.

He will stress about the wood shed, the solar pump, the fire wood, taking the gardens down... I know my Hubby.

Daughter 4 was upset that we didn't get enough notice to be there for surgery. I texted her he was going to surgery before I even could leave and get there let alone her 1 1/2 hrs. away.  So she made up for it by texting me off and on all day. She had to attend a funeral of a close friend that is our age, he died from widow maker heart attack. I had to charge my phone twice due to phone calls and texts.

She asked if we had enough groceries and then cracked up laughing until she cried... I thought it was as funny as all get out. I told her no, but if she came up and picked it and canned it I would... that made her laugh harder as she is totally clueless about canning. Growing it, harvesting it... no problem. She said the wife of the friend that died was not sure if she would have enough money to pay the bills and buy groceries. So Daughter 4 got a group of them together to go buy a month's worth of groceries with the granddaughter's help of what to buy including toilet paper, cleaning stuff etc. The granddaughter is going to stay with her as they already made the choice to sell the house and move her closer to the granddaughter. They were going to do that before he died so she's trying to do what they had planned. 

E stopped last night to get update. He said on Monday Hubby is to come over and they would talk about when E could help get the wood shed done. He is working on building the wash room for M. The boys can stack wood anytime we need it, I didn't need to be doing that (he knows I have a bad back), the girls can help in the gardens.... we don't want Lonnie as he takes bites out of the tomatoes and then puts them in the baskets.  M said if I wanted she would just do my canning for me if I need to do other things. I told him I was down to making pasta sauce so should be able to get it done. So she sent over eggs as she know I give Charlotte an egg daily for her skin issues.

Hubby is allowed to mow... trimmer not so much for a couple weeks but self propelled mower and riding is okay. Front loader is okay as long as he is not tugging on anything. Hubby asked as he doing that for an Amish sawmill.

We have to tweak the diet a bit... more is Hubby has to STOP snacking after supper and right before bed. He showed the doctor what he weighed at the beginning of the year and how he was losing. Doctor told him that was good but would like to see it be a bit more even each week instead of 4 lbs. one week and 1 lb. the next. Doctor gave him an option of Cardo therapy, it's an option because he is physically active. Did say would like to see him walking more. I told him he could walk out to the pine trees and pick up pine cones for the stove four times a day... that's a mile LOL. 

He told the doctor we have produce on the table daily. I laughed and added because I am out of counter space and baskets to sit on the floor. Glad Charlotte is not interested in veggies that aren't cooked. Tashy and Cookie loved raw veggies and would harvest their meals HA HA. Miss Kira would munch through cherry tomatoes if Hubby tossed them to her, if I touched them she wouldn't eat them LOL. Wilbur would mow the garden down as he loved it all. Rascal he only liked green beans and carrots raw.

Prayers for peace

Be safe

Blessed Be

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Update widow maker lost


He had a deformity in his heart.... and that is the ONLY reason the widow maker didn't kill him. That is actually how the cardiologist put it. I already buried a husband due to the widow maker. I know how easy it is to miss the signs of the main artery of the heart being blocked. 

Hubby was trimming the back fence line, felt cold, couldn't get warm. It's 75 and sunny... came in and I took his temp thinking he's caught the bug going around and his temp was 95... that's a BIG WARNING sign. 

He watched them do the procedure, as it was on an screen that he could see. Surgery was to take an hour. It took 2 as the surgeon decided since he was in there to check a few more things that could "pop" up. Follow up in 2 wks. He comes home tomorrow. I'll take him to see his Dad on our way home. 

He can't drive for a week, can only lift 5 lbs. When he starts moving around etc, if he can't talk steady while working, it's too much. Surgeon thinks when he is recovered he will actually be able to do more than he was.

Hubby cracked the joke he should have waited until the 1st when Medicare and Medigap would have paid all the bills. I told him to not worry about that right now, it will take 2 months for all the bills to run through before we get the amount we owe. I will be putting money back monthly to cover it. We do have some in a money market but it's not going to be enough. 

Meantime I am trying to calm his parents and siblings, my brother, all 6 kids to just stop, he's okay, he is coming home. But we all admit it's triggered the PTSD of when my late husband died, Daughter 4 was 3 and kept asking where Daddy was. 

Daughter 2 called me tonight, told me to update FB (several friends, classmates and family that aren't local) and my blog and then go to bed. 

Prayers for peace

Stay safe

Blessed Be 

Hubby has had a heart attack.

 He was edging the back field where the roses are. Came in and said he was cold. He was working in the sun, he should have been on the warm side. I took his temp... it was 95. He went to the potty and came out and told me he was going to drive himself to urgent care. 

First clue was the low temp the second clue he wasn't thinking straight was he was going to drive himself. I got him in around 2 pm. They did the blood test that shows if you are having a heart attack. YEP. Then they got a ER doctor raising cane because the cardo that is at another hospital wasn't sending ambulance to get him and their ambulance wasn't equipped.

Cardo doctor is coming in this morning. I am going to go take a nap because he's been calling me every 2 hours after they sent me home.

Prayers please

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Push to get ready for winter.

When you are in the boonies LOL you look at food and meds, power, heat and water. 

We have food and most meds. Local CVS will deliver. We have probably too much of some things (zucchini and corn). I am getting pears and apples this week. Will pick up garlic (B is selling extra) , sweet potatoes, butternut, acorn and orange pumpkin... yes I have to specify as a lot of Amish in this area grow tan pumpkins. Hubby grew some in the compost pile AGAIN.

Finish processing gardens. I only planted radishes as M is running us over with other veggies. She had her oldest son haul a wagon load over to E's dad to take to auction. He works the auction twice a week.

 There are some condiments I use that we are really low on. I ordered them from Amazon as no one around here stocks them. Post office rejected box as it was damaged and leaking. Our mail carrier said you could hear the glass, and could tell it wasn't wrapped with bubble wrap correctly if at all. Two days later FED X rejected a box from Amazon as it was leaking (not the same stuff) SIGH. At least I didn't have to deal with it since they rejected it. Amazon refunded the money of course. We will be down in Dayton in two weeks for my dermo appt. I'll check the store around the corner from there.

HEAT... I already paid for the propane for the winter.  We have 4 cords of wood in barn (need 18 cords)

Hubby brought this home from 309 sawmill

it's almost 3 ft across. Hubby said about 1 week of wood. He went back to get more this morning and to move some things around for the Amish owner. 

Then he brought this home. The guy actually stopped his sawmill to cut these in sections that Hubby could handle on his own with a chain saw. Also told Hubby he had some other he needed cleared out and showed him so Hubby could come up and do it without him there. Between the two loads there is about 5 cords. That makes half of what we need. He brings wood on our property, spends a day cutting it down to fit on buzz saw, then another day cutting it to size for stove and then a day to stack it. Takes him about a week to get it done.

He had E's dad H whom came over to use the phone in the barn (and then had to go back home to get the phone number that was in his coat he took off before heading over so spent a good hour on the road) check out the wood shed and advise him if there was anything else to do as we bought new siding and roofing. H said a window to let light in on the back side and to not put a ceiling back in it as it would let there be airflow due to roof being vented where it joined the sides of shed.SO Hubby went a got 2 clear plastic (not plexiglass but what they use on barns with animals). Decided since he was doing that to get the second on and replace the window on the barn at the hay- mow. 
THEN H  told the story over that shed. It's studier but the sides are loose, window and door was missing. N (H's younger son) used it for a wood shed the 18 months he lived here. It was here when he bought the property from AB who is M's older brother's( Which is E* N's older brother's wife) AB wanted $10,000 for the shed on top of the $$$ that N bought the property for. Then dropped it to $5000. N talked it over with H his dad. H said when you buy a property all the buildings are included. Tell him he can take the building with him. AB left without the building. IN fact has refused to stay at his sister's right next door because of it. His parents told him the same as H, when you buy a property all the buildings are included unless specified before the sale. SO he's still ticked at his parents 8 yrs later. They just shake their heads and keep dealing with him. 

I've started slowly changing out warm weather bedding, curtains, and clothing for cold weather. Hubby's clothing is done. I am to sweaters.... I don't need them at home if the wood stove is on, half the time I am in a tank top, I wear a cardigan if it isn't.  I've lost enough weight (not on purpose thanks to Crohn's off and on for 2 months) that even my tops are too big. I don't want to get rid of them in case I gain weight.  I am sorting in the barn rather than bringing it all in and then sorting it. WHILE sorting it, some is going into the donation boxes. Daughter 2 got tank tops as she wears the same size as me. Daughter 4 will get some old tee shirts that she can wear under uniform to save her own good shirts. 

Hubby checked the generator. Need to restock gas for it. We need fresh mineral spirits for the oil lamps. 

Simple pump won't pump water to pressure tank. Company is in Nevada. Asked him to film it while running... then it was OOPPS, they forgot to send the directions to recode it to connect to pressure tank so gave that to him over phone. The customer service there told him to call them before he starts to redo that part so they can be on line with him in case he needs more help. If he thinks I won't slap a garden hose on the end of the hand pump to pump water to house, he best go over and look at how M does water to her wash house as the water pump is in the BARN.

Prayers for peace
Stay safe
Blessed be

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

what we are dealing with.

 Hubby's Dad had a cancerous tumor in his colon. It was grade 1 (lowest amt. ) no cancer anywhere else. He is recovering at home, doing decent. Started in to pneumonia due to not being able to breath deep because of wrap  around midsection that had been cut open plus a UTI probably because he still has a catheter. He is on meds for that. Staples taken out and has butterfly Band-Aid so pneumonia should clear up. Doc to remove catheter had emergency surgery. Surgeon that took tumor is trying to get him in to another urologist to get the catheter removed as he has to be sedated to have that done. 

Great grandbaby is still in NICU, BUT doing a lot better. She is up to 5 lbs. is now breast feeding along with bottle. They put a VAD in until she is old enough to get a shunt put in due to fluid on the brain. MRI for that was yesterday, we are waiting for results. There was some talk of her going home in October and that the home would have to be clean and kept clean , kitties can't be in her bed or where she is at due to tracking litter.  She will be allowed to pet them.   They do not have to remove the kitties from the home.

Hubby is bouncing through appts. for his brain issues as he has taking to call it instead of dementia... I can go with that as they have found it started due to his loss of hearing (now has hearing aids) and the ends of the brain dying (if you don't use it you will lose it) He has one for ENT as the neurologist said he sleep apnea, I was like he no longer snores since he had throat and nose surgery 10 yrs ago. So when I told primary  that along with Hubby loses his voice almost daily in the late afternoon/ early evening  decided to send him to new ENT. That is  next month. Next week it is the Dementia doctor to decide which dementia he has and that treatment. Nov is back to the neurologist to get nerves tested in his feet and then to get a treatment plan also. 

Meantime his part D that starts on the 1st is great this year and really bad next year. He is calling them to see if he needs a different plan for then as our doctor does not do electronic prescriptions,  or fax or call in meds at all. He feels that is against HIPPA. AND we don't use Caremark. Been there and done that and never got meds before running out or was told we got them when we didn't due to issues at post office having stealing going on.  

Meantime I need to save for replacement of Silverado. SIGH. 

OLD age is NOT for the meek and mild


Picture day

 I keep the chair covered because she likes to dig at it. She took the boxes out of it also. Probably still smells like Daddy as it was from his home. He had bought it for me as I couldn't put my feet on the floor with any of his other furniture.

Well, she moved the pillow first , then stuck her butt up my armpit

Glad her tail always is in down position. 

This is the maple sapling Hubby dug up 6 years ago out of driveway of the farm house we were renting

I'll probably will have to cut those 2 tall branches off next fall. I am 5 ft 2 inches. 

These two maple saplings we bought this year. They were at my shoulders when we bought them.

The tallest is on the east side. Both get the same amount of sunlight.

The heart garden has some flowers reblooming

You can barely see the yellow specks of where the flower buds are

I have 8 roses and over 30 blooms between the 10 rose bushes on the back fence line

There have been 4-5 forecasts for this coming winter... NOAA  is the only one forecasting dry and warmer than normal all the rest look along the lines of this one

We are in the Artic blast zone of Ohio. Hubby decided everything else we were doing was at a stop as he is way behind on cutting wood. I actually turned the furnace on last night at it dropped to mid 40s during the night with a cold rain today. He's at the sawmill today getting free wood in exchange for running their front loader for them. E said they (his entire family) are behind on getting wood also since the crops came in more than normal. He still has field corn to deal with in the fields behind us, about 50 acres worth. They harvest the corn by HAND. It's not ready for harvest right now. 


Thursday, September 7, 2023

Worn out but...

 Last of potatoes are harvested, last of zucchini and green beans and cantaloupe is harvested. 

Still have kale, onions, eggplant, tomatoes and watermelon... radishes in planters on deck are just starting to come up. Hubby wanted to do some extra work in the gardens so I didn't plant any more fall crops.

Now to process it.

Have a good one

Stay safe 

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be

Saturday, September 2, 2023


 was when Living on a Little was originally published. 

Great granddaughter is still in children's hospital. She had a VAD implanted as she's too young for shunt. She has to be 36 wks. and she's only 33. She's doing better for what she is going through. The brain bleed stopped, they will be checking again this week to make sure she hasn't started that back up. 

FIL is home from surgery. Still has catheter. Well be having home care to see what needs to be changed in the house for them to remain safely in the home and PT at home for now. Hubby took him home with MIL using their car. Notice FIL felt a little wobbly walking on the front room carpet so Hubby got him MIL extra walker. 

FIL told Hubby they don't have enough money for even one of them to go in the nursing home. The home they bought is not built for even a walker to go through the bedroom doors or bathroom door. Hubby offered years ago to widen the doors, grandson is electrician to move light switches. They said no. They didn't even want to put in a wheelchair shower. MIL has mild polio but was" I want to soak in the tub" mode... now she barely can get in and out of the tub to shower. Hubby came home last night and said he was thankful we made sure we could stay here and not go to nursing home due to the house. Daddy only had to move because the bathroom was not built for handicap and it would cost as much as his house was worth to change it. He lived in a poverty area in one of the best houses. Wasn't that way when he bought it 50 yrs ago.

The Roma beans have bloomed again so won't pull those.

Zucchini vine is half dead so Hubby said he would pull it. 

The cantaloupe exploded in the last down pour of 3 inches. PLUS I have new ones starting on the vines. Hubby is deciding it he want to put the exploded cantaloupe in the compost pile so they will grow there next year or the following like the freaking tan pumpkins do that we haven't planted in 2 years.

The watermelon vines are starting to die.

The goat's bag and ox heart tomatoes are turning red !!!! probably about 2-3 wks. and they will be done. UNLESS they bloom again LOL.

The red cherry tomatoes and golden cherry tomatoes are ready for picking again.

Let's see what is left in the garden....

All 10 boxes of potatoes are ready to dig. Eggplant and some kale. Might be mini bell peppers hiding under the one tomato plant.

We decided to plant fall garden... Hubby said he would rig a row cover over the trellis so it could go into Nov/ early Dec. He wants lettuce, radishes, carrots, and turnips. I am adding kale, mini bok choy, tatsoi mustard, Swiss chard, collards (daughter 3 requested), Chinese cabbage (Amish gave me seeds as they grow this as a fall plant),  and spinach, I am quite sure I can walk across the pasture and hand M an extra fresh veggies from the garden this fall as her gardens are wrapping up. Her tomatoes are about 2 wks. in front of mine.  I already have fall onions in.

Garlic bulbs to plant this fall start coming in Sept 19th. 

I will probably buy some sugar pumpkins, butternut, acorn squash and apples (for applesauce and fresh eating. Honeycrisp and Crispin have held for 6 months in the frig for me.

Best get at it. 

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be