Monday, May 4, 2020

This past weekend

Hubby moving gravel. We had a strip of grass next to the fence that I thought shouldn't have been left when we first moved in but hey, what do I know? Well I knew it would be a pain in the butt to keep mowed and it was. First thing Hubby did was deal with that pain in the butt then he smoothed out the part of driveway that was tailgated. Needs a bit more at the road. He will be moving stone around for 2 wks. OF course since we got the stone in , his hauling has picked  up. He has Saturday still open, not really as he might be helping son 2 deal with a lawnmower and trimmer that isn't working. He also needs to finish cutting boxes so I can paint them.Plus the stone needs moved and the yard needs mowed... No he doesn't have Saturday open LOL

I planted the 125 strawberries. Five varieties so give us strawberries for a longer season and enough hopefully to not have to buy any. That gives us a total of 150 strawberries if all survive the transplanting . Next year they should start producing so one more year of making do. M gave me a few pints of strawberry pie filling and strawberry jam to help get us through this year. Pints were given to her from the family of a person that died. Wasn't enough to help her but she thought of us and with the blessings of the family gave them to us.

I planted 150 red candy onions... now have 600 in the gardens. Some will be ate as green onions, others canned as pickled besides just stored. I figure we eat at least 1 onion as green for each of us during the 90 days of summer that's 180... Hubby is known to eat green onion sandwiches like his grandma so that is a LOW count. I have a friend that asked to buy about 15 lbs if we have it this fall.
I was able to get a hold of onion seeds to start for winter onions. I've not had much luck doing that before but try try and try again.My walking onions are not far enough along to start using. Did not help that Hubby

I have the Brussels sprouts hardening off that I will put in the garden next week. This week we still are in the 30s in the mornings and 40s to low 50s in the day.

I have  2 types of  potatoes "warming" to chit and plant next week.Had to order my red potatoes from another company that let me know they are shipping this week.

We planted 7 more fruit trees. I should transplant the maple and the lilac to bigger pots, still too small to put in ground.

I got 3 more boxes painted and Hubby got them together and moved to the gardens so it's just fill with dirt. He still has the smaller in depth boxes to put together as they are painted and ready to be put together. If there gets a warm day I will paint more. This week is on the cooler side. I don't think we get out of the low 50s all week and couple times the morning temp is the high for the day as it spirals downward the rest of the day. Welcome to Ohio.

We got the last of the porch order in and picked up more dirt while at Menards.

Hubby saw that Arby's had their orange cream shake back so picked up sandwiches and the shakes. We have been trying to do 1 take out a week to help our local restaurants stay in business.There are 2 closed, no longer even doing take out. Talk of they might not reopen. Hard for the one as it has been here over 125 yrs. A little store with a lunch special Monday thru Friday. You could buy Amish baked goods and jams also.

I need to make a menu of simple meals this week as the work load is heavy and going to get heavier.

Neither of us has went to get groceries. I need a good solid day in the kitchen to make tortillas and bread and put some casseroles together. Might be doing that today since it's not much to be done in this temp outside.

I started making masks for Daughter 4 and Son 2, mid way through of Daughter 4's I sent a pic of what I was making and she was, that's not going to work so I changed the style to be more like how a N95 elastic band is and that works for her. Son 2 said his style didn't matter as he wears any and all.

What are you doing?