Sunday, November 15, 2020

I am thankful

 that no one of my children and one grandson worry about offending me over anything.  

I have treaded lightly with my own parents when they were alive. Hubby does it now with his own. 

But our kids and one grandson have decided that treading lightly doesn't always get the job done. 

After dealing with Mother's negative estate, having to sell everything to try to pay things off and Pop having to move in with his son. We share exactly where we are at financial and medical wise with all 6 kids and the grandkids who are in their teens and twenties. They all know who will be in charge of the estate(they actually talked it over between them and chose Son2) if we both die, they all know exactly were things stand.

With in the past week I have all 6 kids tell me our budget is whacked out and made suggestions, reasonable suggestions that was put in place saving us $500 a month. The biggest savings was when Daughter 1 told me to go back and see how much went to out of pocket medical and since I maxed out (we have a limit on oop) to check what would have also had to go out if I hadn't met my limit. Our co pay to doctors is counted towards our OOP. Unusual I am told but it is how it is with our insurance. I still have to call Humira with my insurance change for prescriptions but they are still going to work with me.

 Daughter 4 who was the last one to go through the budget and figured out that she would rather do $400/ wk like a pay day than $2000 a month as we put in . Her budget is $1800 a month IF she doesn't have to pay for any meds and no increase in food or diapers.(She is thankful I insisted she take a package home because the radiation triggered her in the middle of the night. Her daughter's boyfriend went and got her more this morning) BUT she wants to focus on working while she can part time and putting that money back to cover the rest knowing she can ask if she really is in need. She plans to be back to work full time Oct 22 2021(her 27th birthday if no problem working with this pandemic) 

Our grandson against his mother's advice told me to go back to the old recipe of Buckeye candy , not what I used last time as every single one of them pitched them in the trash as he had asked. Then he asked if they said anything to me, nope. We don't eat them so I did not know what they tasted like. I thanked him for being truthful, When his mom heard him tell me she flat out said I told you to keep your mouth shut. HE  come back with he wants buckeyes and not me wasting my time and money. I didn't need to do that. I backed him on that.  AND she admitted she went into the mode of not saying anything about the gift because MY MOTHER would had been a terror over it when she gave them food they did not eat and she told Mother that they didn't eat it. 

He was not rude, just plain spoken. He was proud of saying his is his Nonna's child LOL.

I am thankful that we realized we had an air leak in the upstairs east and/or west loft when I noticed the curtain hung in the staircase (no door) moving. Furnace was not on, not even the ceiling fans as it had been a decent start to the day of warmth  (not now 30 mph plus winds and cold front dropped us 20 degrees). I found both small windows leaking air even though they were locked and have decent insulation. That means the outside needs caulked as the inside already is. I covered the entire window with plastic and then made sure the insulated curtain covered the window.

I am thankful Charlotte let us know we had a mouse in the basement. It ate the corner off the organic whole wheat flour (thankful it was a 2 lb bag not a 5 lb) I had just took down to the basement. That Hubby was going to put in the freezer when he put the turkey in... two hours later. We know exactly where it came in (drain pipe it ate through the cover. SO now there is metal cover with weight on on. THEN we heard it in the vent run that goes to the east loft while we was sitting at the table. So I went the basement to see if it could be the one that got in from the pipe... Yep, found evidence were it chewed the drywall to get from the freezer room (I keep that door shut to keep the heat from the frigs and freezer out of the pantry part) into the mechanical room because Hubby had shut that door and then where it went through the insulation board Hubby had just installed over the crawl space opening. Hubby put out poison since it would be where the dogs couldn't get to it and fixed the insulation board. I can tell you it is dead from the odor in the east loft. Glad that is not a room we use much during the winter. Odor will probably be there 3 days. 

Blessed be