Monday, September 24, 2018

Sam's club, 209 and old house... frugal choices

We had Amish ladies paint the house. They charged 1/3 of what we were quoted by "Englishers" as the term is used around here. There are 3 places they could not reach as our ladders weren't quite tall enough on the ends. I told Hubby we could park the truck next to the house and put the ladder in the truck bed giving us the 3 ft needed in height to finish the house. The house looks great and a big check mark off the to do list

The back splash at the stove was installed by Hubby instead of having the contractor do it at $150 , he put Plexiglas over it to protect that almost $250 back splash from grease from the stove.

We cleared the inside of the old house YEA!!!! We still have 2 loads in the garage...just because of the size of things not the amount. I still have to clean the house and do some minor repairs. We have chiropractic appt Tuesday morning so will be in that area and Hubby has 3 month check up on Wed with his doctor also in the area... I figured we can pretty much finish it on those 2 days ( saving gas for not making extra trips)and do the removing of the mantle that will go to our oldest on Sunday (when she is off work and Son 2 can help us) and give the keys to the landlord along with the garage openers and get our mail one last time.  Last 4 wks we spend around $600 in gas moving. SO done with doing that.

We went to Sam's club today. I had a very detailed list of what needed restocked along with price point.

I got gal./qrt/ and sandwich bags. Foil and press and seal wrap. Potato chips, Frito's and Cheddar cheese chips. Plain choc candy bars, almond candy bars and Heath candy bars. Dried cherries and dried cranberries. Cashews. Club crackers.Choc. chips.Limes,lemons,cucumbers and apples.Spaghetti and Velveeta cheese.Peanut butter.Olive Garden salad dressing. Goat cheese and fresh moz. Minute rice and 20 lbs Jasmine rice. Canned pumpkin and coffee for me. Chinet plates to replace what we used at the family reunion. The big buy was 7 lbs of light brown sugar, 25 lbs of all purpose flour, 25 lbs bread/pizza flour (definite need after we at frozen pizza because we don't care for the pizza place that is close) and 50 lbs of sugar.

About half of the buckets I have , this is the flour and sugar section.They are sitting on pieces of wood as you should never store food directly on concrete.

From Amazon I ordered 
White Lily bread flour and all purpose flour, popcorn,panko crumbs, case nacho soup,case of bean sprouts,case ramen noodles,Arborio rice,2 cases of whole potatoes, coffee for Hubby for 1/5th less than I could find it else where.

I still have manicotti, lg pasta shells,red cabbage with apples and saran wrap on the buy list.

I have my "fall/winter" list of winter squash,pork loin, pork butt, pork ribs, dinner sausage(Walters)pepperoni (IGA) G&R bologna (G&R) Prime rib(Walter's at Christmas) Turkey (Thanksgiving) Ham(Thanksgiving/Christmas and Easter). I am looking for Roasting chickens and hamburger.

I need to find a local source for eggs.... I forgot to ask when the ladies were here painting the house.We are going to the Pumpkin Auction at the Amish produce auction on Friday with our friends so I might find a local seller there.

We have the furnace on but turn it off when it's warm enough to prop doors open for the dogs and turn it down to 60 when we are gone. I said something about it being cool in the house and Hubby suggested I turn the furnace up, I came back with I could put socks and slippers on and a shawl or sweater instead of cranking the furnace up. He laughed.

Dogs are no longer staying in the kennel and their run at the barn while we are gone as Rascal has learned to climb over the 5 ft gate. Since we don't want him without water and food for hours we decided to leave the run gate open and found that they do stay in the yard (meaning he doesn't climb the 5 ft fence) and will take shelter in the kennel or on the kitchen porch when it rains. Both neighbors have checked on them and said they do very well like that.

We saved $250 on getting a dumpster instead of paying extra for the boxes etc we have from moving. I still have about the same amount of boxes to go through. I plan to have that done before the dumpster is removed.

I put darts in a couple pairs of pants. I don't want to buy new clothes going into winter when I usually put on weight. But my belts are no longer holding the pants up either.I'm still a bit under weight from last Crohn's attack.

Blessed Be