Saturday, February 24, 2018

Staying frugal

This is my old wringer washer that I finally replaced with an automatic as I was down with my Crohn's and looking at surgery(which did not happen) I kept this washer...yesterday Hubby pulled it out of storage and rigged it so I could use it BECAUSE he has dumped garlic buttter sauce from 50 wings ALL over his good coat,good jeans and new shirt...I feel like I have to remind him like a child to change into "play"clothes. SIGH... I had washed the clothes and coat 4 times with stain remover and nothing got better. In one last try before they got replaced, I used the wringer washer. No pretreatment just regular homemade laundry soap and hot water and IN WATER for 45 min and it was out. The water looked like yuck so I washed a another time in the wringer which the water looked "clean" and tossed it in the automatic to drain and spin as the coat would not have went through the wringer. BUT will not be replacing the coat and clothes and I will be telling Hubby to change in to play clothes LOL.Savings is $275.

I did not go to store and I am not planning to going this weekend as Daughter2 might be moving out by next weekend (figures are crossed).She was planning on this weekend but the owner couldn't get her stuff out due to the down pours of rain. Which we won't be moving Daughter2 in pouring rain...did that and not going that way again. Daughter2 did research for a moving truck *Hubby has CDL and thought she found the best. Hubby saw a moving truck she had not mentioned checking so he did and we can get 3 days at this place instead of only 1 day where she was going to rent from for cheaper than the 1 day.PLUS he didn't input our AARP discount.

We ordered the appliances for 209 at Menards today, all was on sale plus they have their 11% rebate so we saved almost $1000 between the two.

I did swagbucks goal 4 times this week.

I did 2 pinecone surveys.

I used the drying rack every day as Daughter2 is starting to wash some stuff that was in storage that she will need in her house.

I shut the furnace off the day it was 70 outside, aired out the house. Closed house back up when sun was sitting, closing curtains and such. Realized the next morning when it was chilly I had forgot to turn the furnace back on and Daughter2 said she hadn't turned on the space heater either.

We had to take Wilbur and Charlotte back in to get their stitches out, Charlotte had one get a little infected but instead of giving her pills the vet suggested we clean it 3 times a day, use people antibotic on it and then a coating of vaseline... 3 days later no infection, Since we were in there we had Rascal's nails clipped.

I have been coughing since the beginning of Feb when I was sick with what I thought was a cold or allegry attack... went to the doctor, Nope I was getting over the flu.... he was surprised I wasn't down in the hospital thinking it was a Crohn's attack (I was nausated but never threw up) ANYWAYS... I am ran down HA HA from it so I now have meds for the cough and orders to rest or I won't be in any shape to work on 209 in a couple weeks. If the cough doesn't improve in a week I will be back on steriods (SIGH).

 In exchange of some work Daughter2 is doing for me I am stocking some of Daughter2's pantry from mine. She is working on getting the "dry" goods before she moves in and then the persishibles when her frig is up and running.I know I am getting the better end of the deal as I priced out gettting the work done and the lowest bid was $200 and she's not "taking" $200 worth of pantry. She said it's worth it to her as she won't have to spend time going to the store.

The dreariness of the rainy days we are having to turn lights on, so we have taken to trying to sit together in one spot to only have on 1 light.

I have been looking to replace the white 10 inch cornelle plates. The last of my set from 30 yrs ago just shattered. Even though I have a set of 4  Iris cornelle I miss the 10 inch white ones.They fit my serving bowls as lids besides being my serving platters. I've been without since last Nov and just wasn't willing to pay the price I was seeing. I found them on sale onsite, had a code to save even more, got swagbucks and ebates also and got four including the shipping for 50% off, 4 for the price of 2 I can handle.

I bought Daddy a new cane using my Walgreen points to pay for it.

I filled out the survery for Bob Evans after taking Daddy there and got another $4 off if we use it in the next 30 days. Which we will of course.

I have done the normal routine, open and close curtains, turn furnace down (or off LOL), printer and computers turned off when not in use. Power strip to coffee pot off when not in use. . Sensor used on dryers or drying rack instead of dryer. Cold water wash with homemade laundry soap and white vinegar for softener. Water added to shampoo,conditioner, body soap,hand soap, dish soap, lotions etc.Use scrap paper from mail, paid bills  etc. Make sure I do my Krogers and Menard receipts so I can get my points from Krogers for fuel and the rebates from Menards. I've also been uploading receipts to Receipt hog for credits. I try to remember to look at Ibota and checkout 51. Mobisave doesn't work for me.When we get out meds from CVS I make sure Hubby uses the CVS card as I have the pharmacy rewards on my card. My fitbit is connected to Walgreens so I get points for walking and sleeping, two things I do anyways. Washed baggies , foil and bx inserts.

My tomato plants I started from seed I saved from last year are still alive. Some look decent while others I wonder when they are going to just die.  Still ever one that grows and produces a tomato is a freebie.

Can't think of anything else at this point .. Need to start writing it back down daily like I have in the past.

Blessed Be