Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Getting it done

See what I foraged? Well, kind of...maybe not really???

I walk our dogs around the perimeter of our yard that borders the fields our landlord's farm. I toss my garden scraps in to his field since we don't have a good compositor (okay we don't have any large enough to hold all the scraps). Helps with his fields and hopefully the field mice stay in the field and don't come in to the house and my pantry.

I found one green onion at the edge of the field and this small Chinese cabbage. I'll be serving it tonight with our chicken fajitas.

I also have canned the boiled apple cider,dehydrated and packaged Roma tomatoes, rosemary, thyme,onions, celery and carrots. I have shelled and packaged the following dried beans for soups this winter: pinto and cannellini, KY wonder (also canned for green beans this summer) and Lazy Wife beans (also canned for green beans this summer and shelled some of the green beans that became "tough" and froze them for shelly beans) I shelled and packaged the following for replanting next year: KY wonder,Lazy Wife, asparagus beans, red noodle beans,pinto beans, moonlight runner sunset runner and scarlet runner beans, I cut and froze pineapple and apples for apple pie.I rinsed the acorn squash in bleach water. It helps it last longer in the root cellar.

I baked a ham and we had sliced ham the first night, ham sandwiches for lunch the next day followed by ham chunks with other small bites for dinner. Had Scalloped potatoes and ham followed by ham, onion, mushroom and cheese omelets for dinner and then tossed 2 more meals of it in the freezer for Thanksgiving weekend we get tired of turkey.

I still have some other produce to process for the pantry this week.