Thursday, March 4, 2021

dogs pics... I am bored

 I think Wilbur has a blanket across him on a daily bases. 

Rascal carries his baby... which is his ball. We have about a half of dozen on the same ball as Charlotte will take them and hide them from him. She plays a little with them... good at going to get the ball, not at bringing it back like Rascal does. 

Playing ball is not something Wilbur does. Probably because the grandsons didn't want him taking their ball as they practiced baseball when he lived with them.

Charlotte sleeps in this position a lot. Definitely feels safe.

I am bored... weather is nicer, snow mostly melted, mid 40s to high 50s all this coming week and I can't get in the gardens. SIGH... yes I know we will have more snow and cold before the end of March. We usually get 4 inches of snow in March in this area... so it's not like I am going to be doing much even if Hubby would let me off the leash (HA HA). I still have 20 things of sitting work to do... just tired of sitting.

I have cerebral palsy, pain meds cause it to flare up causing me to lose my balance and struggle to control my movements. Surgery were they move nerves only makes it worse. I am on B vitamin ( B6 is the one they said to use if I didn't want to take a complex B) at night time. Things are improving slowly. I still have no  desire to eat. I am underweight from where my GI wants me as I always lose 20 lbs during a crohn's attack and it's seems like forever to gain in back. If I had an attack now I would drop under 90 lbs... not good.

I am not sleeping well.Which means Charlotte is also up with me ... then it becomes I wake her up, she wakes me up cycle. Negative of living with an open floor plan that I can't get up and walk around (nor her) without waking Hubby or Rascal and Wilbur up also. 

Naps are a regular need now. THOUGH I don't nap no matter how tired after 3 pm.

I am bored.... LOL Whine whine whine.... Looks pretty out but I can see the windmill is facing north west and moving pretty good so that's a cold wind that I am not going out in. 

Going to go find something to do off the sitting list.