Saturday, November 12, 2022

Text from Son2 and wood stove

 I got the text..


I first thought he went and got married to his lady ( no they are not engaged) because he has always said when he got married he would call me and say " Listen Mom I DO". 

Nope, but this is definitely a WE DID IT

We are proud of him because there were times he thought about giving it up, sucked it up and continued on. 

He thanked us for the 21 years of taking care of his finances, home, and cats while he was away on duty.  

Now he is a civilian working for the Air Force... looking to work there 20 years . 

It has turned cold, highs in 30-40s and lows in low 20s. SO the wood stove is on

3 doors and 5 windows were open trying to keep the heat in the front room below 80 and the bedroom on the opposite side of the house from 75.That with the stove temp being right in middle of the sweet spot to stay out of creosote and not to hot to cause damage...  E said something about Welcome to Amish world. LOL

I got it figured out this morning. Only 2 windows edged up an inch and doors are closed. Front room is 73 and bedroom is 72... the dining room, always the warmest is 75. What did I change?

We never had heated the lofts... I opened the door to the staircase for north/soft lofts and took the curtain out of the stairway of the east/west lofts. I turned the ceiling fan in the front room OFF. Lofts that are usually in mid 50s to 60 are now 70. The house is pretty much the same temp through out (front room has always been 5 to 10 degrees cooler than bedroom which is closest to the first furnace vent)

Since the wood stove was on, I had decided on spaghetti with meat/veggie sauce and cheddar bay biscuits. 

Turned out to be easy... need to doing prepping all at once and then take to stove. Since the stove is in the front room and the kitchen is over 30 ft away.

Need to open the oven "valve" sooner as it took almost 20 minutes to get up to 450 and it border lined being too hot for the stove to run. BUT I didn't burn the bottoms or sides as I had used my temperature gun to check for hot spots before I put them in. 

I did not boil the spaghetti there. I was not going to carry boiling water 30 ft to a sink to drain it. I did order a roll cart for those issues. We have solid wood floors so no carpet to try to roll the cart across.

We did run into an issue of Hubby pulling wood from the wood wagon on porch instead of the wood box beside stove so when the wood box became empty after me stoking the fire all day... there was no wood in the wagon. and of course he had left for the day. He also didn't check where the fire was in the stove before leaving (before I got up) and it was in creosote level when I got up about 3o minutes after he left and almost completely out.  

We' ll work it out but I really didn't think we had to have the rule if you empty the wagon, you refill it immediately ,not later