Thursday, August 3, 2023

To Answer Hilogene In AZ question of who we feed

 I usually do 1 yr of food, OTC meds, first aid and cleaning products. After having 6 of the kids and grandkids come up to get supplies twice during the pandemic, we went to 18 months  as they wiped me out to 6 months and I was getting worried... there was 2 freezers almost empty. . This year I went for 2 yrs supplies on most stuff but what I have seeds to grow. 

Why? We are already seeing issues trying to get some foods in the area. 

BUT let's look at what we  use.

I bake our breads/ sweets (not much) etc. unless I get it from Amish/ Mennonite. 

I make waffles, pancakes, muffins, cakes, noodles, wonton wrappers (just starting that), flour tortillas (just starting that), crackers (just starting that) and breading for frying. I use  on average the least 10 lbs. of flour a week. If I am making noodles, I use 20 lbs. to fill my 5 gallon food grade bucket with noodles.  So I average 520 lbs. of flour a year. 

I average 240 lbs. of sugar a year, 360 lbs. for 18 months and 480 for 2 yrs. This year it's up to 340 lbs. due to extra canning of pie filling and jams. Today I pick up 27 lbs. of sour cherries for pie filling. 

I buy 3 lbs. of yeast a year (stored in freezer) I do make sour dough bread sometimes but not often as neither of us care much for it. 

We use 4 pints of veggies a DAY . That is 1460 pints for a year, 2190 for 18 months and 2920 pints for 2 yrs. 

We use 2 pints of fruit a DAY. That is 730 pints for a year, 1095 for 18 months and 1460 pints for 2 years... that is not touching pie filling, jams, jellies and fruit butters that would add 105 pints for a year, 158 for 18 months and 210 for 2 yrs. 

I can 104 pints of whole tomatoes, 104 pints of plain tomato sauce, 104 pints of salsa, 52 half pints of pizza sauce, 52 quarts of pasta sauce and 100 quarts of tomato juice. for a year. I will try for 18 months this year.  

I do pickles... asparagus, beets, zucchini, cucumbers, onions , coleslaw and kraut. 

I can chicken broth, beef broth and ham broth. 12 quarts of each per year

I can turkey, chicken, pork and beef. 

I do roasted red bell peppers. I won't this year as son 2 found  some on sale on base and bought me 6 jars. 

I dehydrate zucchini, mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, corn, herbs and mints.

I still need applesauce, apple pie filling, apple butter, and apple jam. 

I do freeze broccoli, cauliflower, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, zucchini, yellow crockneck, eggplant and green tomatoes (breaded for frying). I do freeze berries. 

The last time I bought canned veggies was last year to make veggie soup. I canned enough for 2 yrs. 

I can 104 pints of chili soup a year. We also use it for tortilla chips and casseroles.

I buy 2 cases of each of condense soup, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, cream of tomato, cheddar, fiesta cheese and Campbells chicken and noodles. I have 1 Amish if they can't get to the store, will stop for 7 cans of cream of what ever soup. She makes "pantry" soup every single day for supper and uses it for the base.