Sunday, April 7, 2024

Preparing for the Eclipse.

 Our local news showed you could use a pasta strainer (not mesh). I had a flat grater and Hubby decided to see if it would work. You just hold it (or strainer) out (do not look at sun) and see the " sun" pass over the holes, when the eclipse occurs, the spots where the sun shows through will become dark instead of light. 

Hubby is working Ham Radio at the sherrif dept 3rd shift. I will probably have to say something to him about taking a nap. He is installing his Ham Radio that usually is in house in his truck and has his hand held for back up depending on if he is responding to a problem.  A lot of people don't realize that the area could run out of fuel, water, ER and Urgent care over ran and trash dumped, people using yards for potty, no place to stay and traffic jams are in the forecast. Think of a major sports event or concert and instead of a city being jammed it's the whole freaking state. National guard is on stand by. 

Hubby came home this morning, dealt with humidifer and put some wood in stove and went to bed. When he worked 3rd shift at factory he didn't go to bed until noon and was up at 4 then napped at 6:30 to time to go to work.  I told him I would wake him at 4 pm if he wasn't awake.

He said people were coming in that had reservations at motels and was topping off their cars (motels actually posted it on their doors and at check it to make sure they top off before Monday, to have snacks and water with them. Hubby is topping off his truck daily.