Sunday, September 12, 2010

weekly chores

Ever hear of the saying Monday wash day,Tuesday ironing day,Wednesday sewing day, Thursday odd job day, Friday cleaning day( bed linen was changed this day but not washed until Monday), Saturday baking and bath day and Sunday the day of rest????

Sunday the day of rest. This one I seem to struggle with the most. GOD took a day of rest so why do I think I have to work more than he did?

As I write this it runs through my head I need to clean out the 3 refrigerators to make sure there is nothing that needs to go in the trash as it goes to the curb tonight.If I was being a good steward of my food there wouldn't be food going in the trash to begin with. I didn't do any baking yesterday so I need to make the granola bars for Hubby's lunch box today since he works tonight(his Monday.

Monday wash day is my favorite especially when I can hang clothes on the line.Though tomorrow will be a late start as I have to go to the doctor's for a check up since I've been down sick to the point of pneumonia.

Tuesday ironing day...been there done that.The best thing I can say now days if I absolutely must iron something it is going to be sprinkled with water and frozen for at least 20 min before I iron...makes it easier.Spent many years doing ironing for a living out of my home.

Wednesday sewing mean you aren't suppose to wait until the laundry basket,box or trash bag you have it stored in doesn't explode all over the place before doing it?

Thursday odd job day.I think Thursday has over ran ALL the other days of the week as this seems to be what side tracks me from doing what I should be doing instead...except laundry on Mondays.

Friday cleaning day...sigh...I really liked it when I cleaned on Monday but that no longer works because of Hubby working 3rd without overtime so he is here by 7 am( Sunday night is his Monday) and wants to go to sleep.Midget house is too small for me to move around much without waking him up so Fridays is better I guess since he doesn't work Friday nights.Still I side track a lot with Thursday odd jobs.

Saturday baking and bath day. The bath part is understandable LOL.Those that don't know, in the old days you carted water by bucket, heated it on the stove that was fired with wood(corn cobs, coal etc) and then dumped it in a metal tub that was what would be about the size of a good size round trash can cut in half.Took your bath (cleanest to dirtiest in same water) then dumped it out.Not something you cared to do every day.They did daily take what is fondly called sponge baths or sink other words "WASHED UP" using a pan of water( still heated on the stove) instead of the full bath.

Baking was done on this day for the week. When the kids were little we went through a loaf of bread each meal.Take it back in time and I would have had to bake at least 21 loaves of bread a week if not more due to working more manual labor then we do now. Along with cakes, pies and cookies on Saturday.This would not be throwing a mix together or thawing out dough but making it and letting it rise( sometimes twice) before baking.It wasn't unusual when I was baking bread to bake 3 loaves with a sheet cake under them at the same time.

Have a Blessed day