Sunday, March 28, 2021

Out like a lion


It's already roaring and will be until Wednesday night. A lot of us are going into the storm season so please make sure you have what you need if storms rip through your area and stay safe.

Simple Sunday. 

Hubby remembered he forgot to get dog food and decided to run into TSC and get it so it wouldn't be on his to do list during the week.

Found garden soil and potting soil on sale Talked to the manager and since he was getting pallets she reduced the price even farther. We now have 2 pallets of garden soil (156 cu ft  total) and 1 pallet of potting soil (78 cu ft total)... AND HE FORGOT THE DOG FOOD. We have enough for 2 days.

Brunch: Pumpkin spice baked doughnuts, cream cheese.

Supper: Pork chop, baked potato with butter and sour cream, corn, mandarin oranges and bread (home made from M)  

Motivation Monday 

Shine the windows and mirrors 

Hubby is going with Amish guy to get mineral oil so he will be gone most of the morning. Might be home around lunch. I will be "motivated"  HA HA, to get the laundry and dishes done. Frigs cleaned out as it's also trash night. Dust mop house (new habit or should say trying to get back in the habit). Update the finances since Hubby bought dirt instead of dog food the bank acct took a bigger hit. He saved $4 a bag. I have a couple things that need ordered that have been waiting until they went on sale..

Breakfast: toast and jam

Lunch : cottage cheese, pickled beets and applesauce (Hubby on road)

Supper: beef steak on grill, rice, grilled onions, bell peppers and mushrooms, mango and homemade bread

Task Tuesday 

Swish the toilets, dust mop house.

M is leaving with the baby to go see her sister that doesn't have much longer to live. The littles will  be staying with E's mother. M asked if we could stop at the store to ease the load off E as they don't let the "scholars" drive the buggy into town yet.  

Since we have chiro and need to get dog food, it's great planning.

Hubby has to stop at bank to get statement on his truck he forgot to get for the taxes. 

Breakfast: Pillsbury Hot Cocoa Rolls with frosting ( Hubby saw on clearance)

Lunch : lunch meat tortilla wrap

Supper: Manicotti (from freezer), asparagus(from freezer), pineapple and garlic toast (using homemade bread)

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday.

Should call it Windy Wednesday with the forecast for the day.

Swipe the sinks and showers/tub.

Hubby will have a full day of work. 

I will go through some more boxes of papers that need dealt with.

Breakfast: toast and jam

Lunch cottage cheese, applesauce and pickled beets ( my standard lunch)

Supper: Sausage gravy and biscuits (unless there is still bread), fried green tomatoes (freezer), maybe home fries. Fruit pie

Thankful Thursday

April Fools day

Dust the house, dust mop the house

Hubby will have another full day at work

Start putting dirt into garden boxes or at least in the ones I will be planting on Friday. 

Weed herbs and strawberries. 

Breakfast: Fruit pie

Lunch: cheese and crackers 

Supper: Chili, Fritos 

Finally Friday

Vacuum the area rugs in front of all the doors. Dust mop the house.

Plant the peas and snow peas (Amish say to have them planted by Good Friday). I've been readying Victory garden for Ohio so I might plant more that just that after I finish reading it. 

Weed herbs and strawberries

Put more dirt in boxes , maybe plant something else.

Breakfast: leftover sausage gravy and biscuits

Lunch : what ever the local little store is selling for lunch

Supper: Homemade pizza

Speed up Saturday 

Dust mop and wet mop floors.

Thaw rack of lamb, boil eggs and get dishes out for Easter dinner.

Most likely will hopefully finish with weeding of herbs and strawberries and MAYBE start weeding north flower garden.

Brunch: scrambled eggs with cheese

Supper: fried bologna sandwiches, pasta salad, cole slaw and pineapple chunks.

That's the plan LOL

Blessed be..

AND it is still rolling

Good news I won the drawing from Sluggy and got my package yesterday. Son 2 wants the Andes candy. Son 1 wants the B vitamin. Daughter 2 wants the eye shadow. Daughter 4 wants the face mask ( her daughter wants one of the face masks also) Daughter 3 (and her 2 girls) want the hair bands. Daughter 1 asked for the dental stuff and Hubby came back and told them ALL to go read Sluggy's blog LOL. I will still share... but Son 2 is NOT getting all the Andes candy ... guess that is what I get for sending a text with pic of what I won to the kids.

Last night Daughter 4 sent me a text... found 4 bedroom, 3 bath, finished basement and attic with mother in law suite... I was excited thinking she found something to move to and thought she was going to share with her oldest that is expecting a baby in a few weeks.

It was a huge pot hole (so not really a house SIGH) she hit with MY car to avoid hitting a 8 yr old boy chasing his ball in the street. Mother of boy was grateful, boy is now grounded and my car was creaking as she drove it away. Appt for car is this morning to figure out the damage done. Daughter 4 took pic of pot hole and sent it to the street dept. Mother of boy put a orange cone that she carries for emergences from her truck in the hole to try to help others not hit it.

Daughter said if she had been going the speed limit she would have hit him. or destroyed the front end of the car if she seen him in time to swerve . SIGH

SO I woke up at 4 am with thigh cramp... got up, had coffee , walked around. Didn't ease up so went to get massager by bed, moved Rascal as he was laying next to it (on floor between bed and stand) . Picked it up , turned it on and got shocked. Blew all the electric to the bedroom, have nice burn on arm. Put aloe on burn, go to basement to turn breaker back on and open door to mechanical room (breaker, water softener, water heater and furnace room) and find water at the bottom of furnace. SIGHING STILL.

Call Hubby while he is working (did 10 loads yesterday, 5-6 is normal) and he THINKS he will have a couple loads today only so will be home normal time (mid to late afternoon instead of 7 pm like last night) to deal with furnace ...said the drain pipe is probably plugged and the pan under it probably has a leak. Told me to check to make sure breakers were in on position... they ALL ARE ON >>>>> AND NOT listed what they go to.

SO we will have to go through each one and find the one for the bedroom because he forgot to go down and write what went to each breaker and he doesn't know where he put the sheet the electrician gave him that had the list... I don't know why he didn't just tape the thing to the door of the breaker box. I was going to do it but he said no, we would do it together and just be on the phone so we knew what was off and on. 

I was going to do finances this morning but decided to wait until I see the bill to get the car fixed. So instead of paying off one of the loans I will be fixing a car. Which upsets Daughter 4 but  she knows we would rather fix a car than her hit the child as she was hit by a car... and our grandson was hit by a car....

Hubby wants to finish getting the last of the dirt and stuff for the gardens before he pays off his loan. 



started labeling the breaker box. Work 20 minutes because it's walk up and down 3 different flights of stairs as they did not put the electric in what I would call logical order. FINALLY figured out which one was the bedroom. Hubby got home and called the guy that put the electric in the house and he told him to check the first outlet the electric goes to when it comes in the room as because there was already existing electric he made circuits of the electric. WHICH made logical sense. ANYWAYS replaced the burn outlet which was not the one I had the massager plugged into. AND had electric. Savings was $45 trip charge and $60 an hour that the electrician would have charged.  We still have a few breakers not labeled that we will deal with later. Costs were a screw driver that Hubby dropped down the sump pump pit by accident and some back up outlet. $30.

Daughter 4 got repair bill of $500. Said it was kind of a blessing as it messed up the ball joint but repair guy showed her the steering control  part was going bad so he took care of that also. And she's back on the road... which is good because HER DAUGHTER is thinning and dilated to 2. OB said they would see her next week if she didn't have the baby before that.

Saturday we went down to drop off stuff on Daughter 4's porch for her and Granddaughter who's in laws were visiting her so she told me to drop her stuff off at her mom'. In laws were still sleeping in the front room on sofa couch when we would have been there.  

Went to Son 2's and got sprayed with Lysol as I walked in. I used to do that during flu season when they came in from school. Spray them, go wash their hands and change their clothes. They didn't get the flu when they were in school. I just laughed. We sat 6 ft apart even out on the patio. Hubby and him wore masks when they were taking the old water heater out and putting the new one back in. Son 2 now can install his own gas hot water heater. 

We drove the scenic way home adding about 30 minutes but well worth it as it was a beautiful day. But an eleven hour day was wearing and my hip was cranky last night from all that sitting in the car.  Three and half hours round trip. We ate left overs.