Saturday, August 7, 2021

Needed in Pantry

I am still fighting bronchitis... it's better... lot better so I caught it before it got bad but regretfully the bronchitis meds gave me a migraine so limited on what I do today. 

To make :

Grape jelly (have ingredients)

Apple jelly (have ingredients)

Apple butter (need more apples)

Applesauce (need more apples)

Caramel apple pie filling (need more apples)

Pickled onions (have ingredients)

Pickled watermelon rind (1st watermelon ripe)

Mustard relish (need cucumber and dried mustard)

Italian green beans . My roma green beans didn't get very wide. I do have more Italian beans growing so I hope they are wider OR I will buy Allen Italian green beans in 32 oz. can

Canned cole slaw (need cabbage)

Hot salsa (need roma tomatoes)

Mild salsa (need roma tomatoes)

Pasta sauce (have ingredients)

Vegetable soup (have ingredients)

Canned rutabagas (Still growing)

Peas(to freeze, fall crop growing decent. Need 4 cups<I freeze in 1 cup in sandwich bag and then put in freezer bag> the least to get through the coming year)

Garlic powder (will wait until I plant the fall garlic, I grow hardneck and use my own garlic to plant in the fall. Then I will dehydrate and grind the garlic that I don't need for "fresh")

Canned taco meat (need lean ground beef)

Canned beef (need roasts)

Canned chicken (need 2 chickens)

To Buy:

Sauerkraut (in jar) 

Hot mild cauliflower (in jar)


 We went to the garden and harvested.

tomatoes, basil and an onion Hubby wanted for sandwich

Handful of strawberries from second blooms, purple radishes and eggplant.

purple beans (turns green when cooked) , Roma bean (suppose to be a wide bean but not very wide this year) and cherry tomatoes.

Box full of carrots. I will can the carrots and dehydrate the tops to mix in my powdered greens jar.

2nd batch of onions to cure 

And how Hubby ended the day. Work Truck front right tire blew while driving on a back road with a full load on the 32 ft. trailer.  Said it didn't really pull to the right when it went and he had a decent spot that others could get around him on the road. Figured it was a good day since no one was hurt, no damage was done and the spare was good. He did call the shop that he gets his tires from to let them know he would be in Tuesday for replacement since he is going out of town with a couple Amish guys on Monday.