Monday, March 27, 2017

End of March frugal

Sunshine peeking through is pretty much how it's been this week.
A lot of money was spent this week, still I would say it's a frugal week.

We ordered 2 beds from Amazon for our daughter who was going to go to a rental place. NO, pay us the payments and we will order them. She saved over $1000....which means we saved also as I know "dead season" at her work place is coming and she wouldn't be able to make the payment and still make the bills and we would have stepped in and helped. This way they will be paid OFF before dead season hits as she is paying us the payments instead. For those wondering...dead season is when a restaurant etc type place goes from good flow of customers to almost nothing or none at all due to seasons, right now we are getting warmer so people will be cooking out or might order pizza.Upscale restaurant  usually loses business. Kind of like construction in Ohio comes to a trickle during winter months.

I got new shorts...usually that means I bought shorts at yard sale, thrift shop or got hand me downs from one of the grandsons. I actually bought NEW shorts. Found them at Sam's club a style I like and I know I will wear these for years. I am still wearing the shorts I bought in 2005...fabric is starting to give.SO I figure if I wear these 12 yrs (that puts me at 70 and yes at 70 I would still be okay wearing these) I figure that's $1 a year.

While at Sam's club I also got sugar, flour, vinegar, honey mustard, coffee for me ( I drink med, Hubby drinks tar LOL) dogs dental treats which our vet thought was doing good for our dogs. Also got It. dressing, toilet paper, freezer bags(stocking for when the garden starts coming) diapers and wipes for the great grandson, carrots, baby carrots, apples and baking potatoes as I will be eating them for my lunches.Hershey candy bars as Hubby eats them with peanut butter before he goes to dinner at 5 is his bfast... he doesn't get another meal until 4 am so he eats a candybar with peanut butter before work and an apple with peanut butter at first break at 2. Cookie butter...had no clue to what this was but had 1/2 dozen kids ask me for something that had it in it. Since I didn't want to special order the cookies that it's made with I bought this. Hope they like what they asked for when I get make it.

We got binoculars at Gander Mt. The old set is over 2 decades old and no longer has clear vision and it helps to see if the coyotes are running the woods that are about 1/2 mile from us before I let my dogs out.Hubby can use them when weather spotting also.

I got yarn on sale at Hobby Lobby. Hopefully this is all I need to finish my great grandson's  afghan. I thought I would need 5 but they only had 4 left.

We ate out, hit lunch time at one place and early dinner for the other. Ate cheap for eating out.

I mended a couple shirts.

We ate the majority from the pantry and stayed out of the grocery stores. I still need anchovies and sesame oil but won't go for just that.I did grab milk today at the local small store.

We got gas using points from a local grocery.

We combine errands with doc appts or when Hubby has meetings for HAM radio

I got the electric down by $25.

I got my car in the shop due to a problem with moving my seat and asked for the car to be checked out since I was going to lend it to my daughter. Good thing because it had a bad wire that could have caught fire. Now that is fixed and it runs better so better gas mileage...but he is still working on the seat LOL.

I have started buying the Christmas gifts when I see them on sale.

I have found if I add a 2nd spin on the new washer I  can cut dryer time down by 30 min on heavy loads. I use the sensor in the dryer.

My ins requested a A1C as part of my "points" to lower the cost of next year's ins for us...not something my doctor usually runs when fasting sugar is below 100... good thing the ins did because my A1C says I am borderline diabetic. I am now testing at home and monitoring it along with lifestyle changes as diabetes runs strong in the family. It's a bit weary to have to test one and two hours after I eat and not be able to drink anything except water ( I drink 72 oz of water a day now) I am a coffee drinker with real milk and real sugar but I can go black and I drink tea unsweetened.

Hope you had a frugal week and feel good about your choices you made.