Sunday, August 12, 2018

frugal while in the hospital... finishing up 209

Yep, I'm in the hospital with my Crohn's....Hubby decided against going after daughter 4 who was going to help finish packing up the pantry and moving it and cleaning the east and west lofts on Saturday because he wasn't sure he wouldn't have to turn around and come back to the hospital because me.

 I got a dozen pictures of boxes of food asking where to put it from him instead. She knew exactly where to put it and made us both laugh when I shared them with her that he hadn't realized how I organized the pantry.

We were giving the estimate of what my hospital bill will be after insurance with the offer of 5% off if we prepaid now (up to 10 days after release) and if it was more than the estimate they would still take 5% off the balance since we did prepay and if they over charged us they would send out the refund with in a week of the insurance paying.I seriously doubt if we are over paying with the meds I am getting.

Doctor making the hospital calls for my GI has decided along with my GI and the hospital doctor that my meds need changed to stop this cycle of being in here this time of year. So he checked to make sure what he was wanting to give me had no blue dye since I have a sever allergy to blue dye (not natural kind ) AND that my insurance would cover the costs because he thinks stress is my biggest trigger... I am also to be on anti anxiety meds until things settle down and I can get in to a good routine and stabilize my diet. PLUS he checked to make sure the meds were generic so they would be cheaper.

I brought my own diapers... saving the charge of those items which is double what I spent on the diapers. I brought my own toothpaste. But forgot the tooth brush...oh well. I brought my own soap, so there is no charge for that either.

I have food at home that I can eat (soft diet) so no having to pit stop and grab something on way home. Since I can't cook at 209 I asked about the food I was eating for lunch there and it was okayed to eat also... well the egg roll was NOT cleared due to cabbage but if I make my own with bean sprouts and hamburger I can have egg rolls. I probably won't be making egg rolls or eating them for 2 weeks. In 2 weeks I can go back to my regular diet. WITH including 2 servings daily of  kefir or Greek style yogurt daily along with my vsl#3. I can have 1 - 20 oz soft drink per day, ginger soda/ginger ale being the number 1 preference but any others okay. I can still have up to 3 cups of coffee per day (I drink 2) and
up to  48 ounces of tea (hot or cold) PLUS water of course.. Smaller meals, more often or even just 6 snacks a day.

I have been ordered to get UP and MOVE more... as a chef I had a very active day at work and then more at home, now I sit more and my body is taking the blunt of the lack of movement. I am also going back to yoga as stress is a big issue.

I've wrote up a "if I can" plan to finish packing and moving this week AND had it okayed by all 3 doctors with acknowledgement I will get sore core muscles and I will be tired but I listed timed breaks with food since I habitually carry water with me while working.

As for 209... the last of the floors and odds and ends will be done by Friday. We have a person who is bring his son to finish the south and north lofts since I am down on Saturday. They think 40 hrs but more like 20 with the two of them... Already gave us the costs unless it takes longer.Hubby and I think we will give them a bonus as they are coming in last minute on the weekend to help us out after their day jobs through the week instead of having us on their regular list of jobs.

Counter tops come in on the 22nd. Barn roofing has been delivered to be installed and the screening for the gutters should be in this week also.

Just finish cleaning 209, packing up Staley, move everything and unpack it and then cleaning Staley... BEFORE Hubby leaves next week for deep sea fishing...

Pictures...lots of pictures will be coming.

Blessed Be everyone, stay healthy, take care of yourselves, give yourself ME time.