Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Cookie/buckeye update

 I got the 5 varieties of cookies of 36 dozen a variety done and 277 buckeyes done  and delivered. Regretfully we are still being asked to not have family gatherings and stay with in our bubbles of who we live with. So with masks and gloves we dealt with this year. 

First let me add we usually give the kids and grandkids $50 each and the great grandkids $20. We also donate $100 to our son's VFW (very small membership). Instead the kids asked for cookies and candy and when son 2 said something while at a meeting, the VFW asked if we could do that instead of the donation. The bakery they usually order from shut down and they couldn't afford to get the cookies from the other bakery. 

We usually spend $1800. We spent $648.02 on ingredients and $55.20 of fuel for the cook stove and fuel for deliveries for a total of $703.22. Savings of $1096.78. I did not count the 80 hrs of work. 

It breaks down to 27 cents per cookie/buckeye on the average.

I kept our meals simple , cookies or buckeyes was for lunch and a sandwich was for dinner. It was not a healthy week.

Today we delivered the last of it. The kids were grateful but a bit worried as they know I pushed it since I did it in a week. There was talk of getting together to bake next year...I really don't see it happening But I did tell Hubby I want part of the one freezer empty so I can put cookie dough in the freezer. I might just send them the dough and let them cook it.

Things I need to replace...parchment paper, dried fruit namely cranberries and King Arthur baking Fruitcake Fruit blend. Sparkling sugar and oatmeal will be later next year.

Still waiting for my laptop to load the pictures...