Thursday, September 30, 2021

taking a break

 8 A.M. and I am on the second load of laundry. First load is on kitchen porch line. 

Hubby figured out that I have "save" $11.55 a month using the clothes line each month. I will save $13.76 using the clothes line when doing seasonal washing (bedding for 5 beds, 15 sets of curtains, 3 loads of clothing, furniture throws and dog beds).

I am down to washing curtains (those that are hanging and those that was in storage).

I have 3 dogs beds still.

I have 2 loads of throw rugs.

Then I will clear the gardens and garden shed if I can before the rain comes in on Saturday. If the hornets go away, I might be able to pick a few more apples. I'm highly allergic so it's not worth the risk.

Monday I got 60% of work done

Tuesday I got 99% done

Wednesday I got 15% done

That's an average of 58% done. Hubby asked me what that meant. I told him that meant instead of 15 things to do I was to cut back to 10. I think he wanted me to say 7 or 8 instead. 

Got to go hang curtains on the line.