Sunday, September 17, 2023

Hubby sent me this

 They now have phone charging on the hospital bed railing... GEEZE.

He was stressing about the bills coming in. I called the insurance company and she gave me a ball park figure of $2500. Normally they don't pay for the ambulance but since the doctor ordered it and it was for transport to a hospital to do surgery... if they don't pay it to appeal it to be paid. We have a good part of that in the money market and since the bills will take 2 months to get to us after insurance etc. I have plenty of time to save up the rest. I'll probably just pull it from savings so he can see that money is there and stop that stressing.

He will stress about the wood shed, the solar pump, the fire wood, taking the gardens down... I know my Hubby.

Daughter 4 was upset that we didn't get enough notice to be there for surgery. I texted her he was going to surgery before I even could leave and get there let alone her 1 1/2 hrs. away.  So she made up for it by texting me off and on all day. She had to attend a funeral of a close friend that is our age, he died from widow maker heart attack. I had to charge my phone twice due to phone calls and texts.

She asked if we had enough groceries and then cracked up laughing until she cried... I thought it was as funny as all get out. I told her no, but if she came up and picked it and canned it I would... that made her laugh harder as she is totally clueless about canning. Growing it, harvesting it... no problem. She said the wife of the friend that died was not sure if she would have enough money to pay the bills and buy groceries. So Daughter 4 got a group of them together to go buy a month's worth of groceries with the granddaughter's help of what to buy including toilet paper, cleaning stuff etc. The granddaughter is going to stay with her as they already made the choice to sell the house and move her closer to the granddaughter. They were going to do that before he died so she's trying to do what they had planned. 

E stopped last night to get update. He said on Monday Hubby is to come over and they would talk about when E could help get the wood shed done. He is working on building the wash room for M. The boys can stack wood anytime we need it, I didn't need to be doing that (he knows I have a bad back), the girls can help in the gardens.... we don't want Lonnie as he takes bites out of the tomatoes and then puts them in the baskets.  M said if I wanted she would just do my canning for me if I need to do other things. I told him I was down to making pasta sauce so should be able to get it done. So she sent over eggs as she know I give Charlotte an egg daily for her skin issues.

Hubby is allowed to mow... trimmer not so much for a couple weeks but self propelled mower and riding is okay. Front loader is okay as long as he is not tugging on anything. Hubby asked as he doing that for an Amish sawmill.

We have to tweak the diet a bit... more is Hubby has to STOP snacking after supper and right before bed. He showed the doctor what he weighed at the beginning of the year and how he was losing. Doctor told him that was good but would like to see it be a bit more even each week instead of 4 lbs. one week and 1 lb. the next. Doctor gave him an option of Cardo therapy, it's an option because he is physically active. Did say would like to see him walking more. I told him he could walk out to the pine trees and pick up pine cones for the stove four times a day... that's a mile LOL. 

He told the doctor we have produce on the table daily. I laughed and added because I am out of counter space and baskets to sit on the floor. Glad Charlotte is not interested in veggies that aren't cooked. Tashy and Cookie loved raw veggies and would harvest their meals HA HA. Miss Kira would munch through cherry tomatoes if Hubby tossed them to her, if I touched them she wouldn't eat them LOL. Wilbur would mow the garden down as he loved it all. Rascal he only liked green beans and carrots raw.

Prayers for peace

Be safe

Blessed Be