Saturday, June 10, 2023


 Hubby has hair past his shoulders but it is very thin like his mom's. I hate to see him pulling it out while dealing with insurance over the wreck. 

He has 3 different adjusters which is bad enough. Thankful that they specify which part they are working so he can keep them straight.

 One for the truck, she told him that she had the dealership pull off the other fender and that would be covered to be replaced as she wanted to see if the axle was messed up and that she would be in the dealership when they removed the bed to check the rest of the frame Monday or Tuesday. They didn't have an opening  to do that when she was there. Once the bed is off.. if no damage then it's more of waiting for the new bed to come in. If the 30 day rental is not going to be long enough she will have insurance extend it. IF totaled due to frame, she will have the pay off to the bank and balance to him in 10 days. Okay... that is a good time frame even though it took them a week to start getting things around.

One for the trailer, the adjuster is pushing for it to be repaired but thinks they will total it. He thinks Hubby will get an answer in a week. 

One for the wrecker bill... this lady does not understand Amish don't do load bills like Englisher's do. Actually questioned the cop that was behind Hubby that saw the accident of whether there was a load on the trailer. Questioned the wrecker company that picked it up off the freaking road and delivered to the Amish it was going to. Hubby told the other two adjusters and they are trying to help deal with it.  

IF the insurance company had told him, and they admitted they just assumed (we know what that makes us when we do that) that he would always need a load bill . He could have generated that himself. They knew he was hauling for Amish as it is stated in the policy.  We can't afford to eat $5300 wrecker bill but I am willing to hire a lawyer to push the issue and I made that clear.

Hubby has done well handling it A couple of the Amish had told him if the insurance refused to pay him for that to let them know and they would help cover it. I doubt he would do that. 

He did a few odd jobs that has been sitting on his to do list for awhile. Actually stopped without complaining for lunch. He asked while we ate for me to help him figure out a propose and what socialization he could have if he wasn't hauling. He knows that lack is what caused Daddy to go down hill fast.

To me that is a huge step for him to think about as he has always been a fly by the seat of his pants. 

Off the top of my head, he could go back to work in the winter for the state as he does have a CDL He could go to work for the county, he has a friend he made while working state that does county in the summer. He could add to the gardens and grow produce for the Amish auction like we did with asparagus this year. 

I pointed out that during garden time both of us are busy plus he will have more medical appts. we will have to deal with. During summer and fall, he needs to deal with cutting wood for the stove. In spring he will have to focus on resupplying the wood to have it cure. We look to have a cure of 2 yrs. before we burn the wood. During winter every other day he takes 2 hours to reload the house of wood. He plows our driveway and the 2 widows' driveways so E doesn't have to do that any more. He can go help E in the woods when the boys are in school as E won't go to the woods for cutting wood without someone with him. He can still deliver messages. He can still take them shopping over in Holmes county especially if we replace the personal truck.  There are still some punch list things needing done and that could easily take him until next year to finish as it now takes him a month to do a job that took a week. He could repair some furniture we have in the barn so we could sell it.

If we could buy something like the rental we are driving and put a tow package on it, he could do local small tows as we have a small trailer like hay or straw. 

We could make the rounds to see the kids and his parents more often since he wouldn't be working 4-5 days a week. We could go see some friends that also are retired.  

I told him he could actually do some of the house work and start decluttering the barn.  I also suggested that he start doing some of the cooking or figuring out menu. The look of horror made me laugh. He is okay with cooking or menu but he hates housekeeping would hire it done in a heart beat and knows the barn clutter drives me crazy.

He is back doing crossword, sudoku with paper back books and playing pool on his computer. Doc thought those were all good. 

We just need to get past this mess with the wreck to make choices. Though I think he has chosen to shut it down but isn't saying so in case the insurance causes him issues that way.