Monday, August 26, 2019

Each day


We got the scam call about SS number being suspended . SS does not suspend anyone's number. I did notify both our local law and SS .

Primary doc said my diet was to eat real food (when I can actually stand eating again).... He felt with some talking other doctors and a surgeon that my diverticulitis was from slow digestive system (4 days documented by camera) and the Crohn's blockage. I can still have my pop corn AFTER this heals and not a lot at one time. He did ask if I could do the same routine, etc as I did in 2014 and 2015 which when I was in remission. Hubby and I talked about it last night... not real sure we can do that here as one ,Hubby retired and not working 3rd shift, two, was our grandson was living with us in 2014 and three, finding produce I can process that is organic is hard in this area due to flooding and drought. Everyone is in the same boat.

I went to Aldi's canned fruit and veggies are running from 89 cents to $1.29  I picked up 4 cases mandarin oranges, 1 case French style green beans,xxx sugar, dried apricots,and raisins.

I went to Walmart to get sugar, they were out of the 25 lbs bags, so I asked manager if I bought 100 lbs of the 10 lb bags would she sell it to me for the same price per pound of the 25 lbs since they had already given out rain checks for the next delivery. GOT IT. I got 5 lb of corn meal for less than $5, every where else is around $10 . The guy stocking told me that the next batch was up at least $1 if not 2 as he was told to not stock it until the other had cleared the shelves. The elderly lady behind me asked if I would put the last one in her cart as it was on the bottom shelf. She wasn't going to buy it until next month but since he said that she was getting it now.

Went to our local Kroger's and bought what I have now named the basic grocery list. $180.18... leaves enough for milk during the month. Did my Kroger's survey. Hubby uses the points if it lowers the diesel more than the other place otherwise I use it for the car.

I decided after looking at the pantry that if I am given green beans or beets I would can them as I would like to have more (want not need) but I NEED apples for applesauce (we eat chunky and can no longer find it around here) and apple butter and tomatoes for sauces.

I also realized I am back up to carrying 30 lbs without straining or anything... GO ME. I was down to 10 lbs and it hurting the right shoulder that I had surgery on a couple years ago. I also have full range of motion which I was told I would never have again.

E told Hubby the chickens have been corralled to an area that is easier to search for eggs and it seems they are not laying. Not molting so they don't understand what is going on, they had changed feed and they think that might be it. These laid through sub zero weather (not normal around here) and through the 100 plus heat (not normal around here) and now that the weather is decent they are not laying. They don't start laying soon M will be butchering and canning chicken.

Frugal items... both of us combined errands with what we were doing. Hubby even asked one of his deliveries if he could flip the time as it would save him time and gas and they were fine. Timing actually worked better for them also as their English neighbor brought over a fork lift to help unload as they knew Hubby can use a fork lift.


I am taking this day as the day of rest as I am worn out from yesterday. Good day to rest as the rain that was suppose to come in yesterday (glad I didn't get rained on) came in  this morning. I have the AC off and the windows and doors open that the rain isn't coming in but its a good walk (which is good for me) to check to make sure the wind hasn't shifted the rain.

Told Hubby we was having soft tacos, green beans (M gave us a mess for dinner) and cantaloupe  for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is grilled pork, salad, leftover green beans, and cantaloupe

Saturday is hamburger patties with the works, cantaloupe,and boiled purple gourmet potatoes we grew .

Maybe if I fix it , I might feel up to actually eating it?

Brother called and told me we lost a younger cousin that had heart failure and kidney failure.


Hubby off and running again 6:30 am , got the pick up , drop off in a route to save gas, 3 of the things out of 4 is for E and his family. He "scheduled" Saturday off to mow and work on deck if he has time after mowing.

I am doing laundry. Washing the items I sewed at Son 2 as they probably have some cat smell. Wilbur doesn't care, he was raised with cats but Rascal won't go in the laundry room now and Charlotte always grows when she goes by it. SO everything will be washed.

Washing the cloth bags I use at the stores.

Then I will wash the laundry.

I will test the soil I dug from gardens at 4 inches to see it there is better nitrogen that deep. If not we have to decide on hauling dirt in or going to square foot gardens.

I will scrub crates for the regular potatoes and finish getting the dirt off the gourmet potatoes and box them.

I need to order mesh bags for the garlic and silver grommets for Hubby's summer curtains as he doesn't like the rod pocket as he can't pull the curtain as open as he likes.


ordered everything we need that was also on sale.

garden soil tested better, not good enough to support growing but better... potash and nitrogen on the low side of medium.We can do stuff without a lot of money to fix that.

I did the laundry today using clothes line.

Feeling decent so hopefully we will go see our parents tomorrow.

Hubby mowed and trimmed. Finished straightening the fence line so it can now be painted (late Sept/ Oct) and he brought all the deck stuff for the base from other side of barn, sorted it out and put it on this side of barn so if he can only do one board a day , his time is spent working on the deck not running around the barn trying to sort through the boards to find the right ones.

He did have time in the evening to take E to go get some stuff he needed for making pallets.


Day of rest... we sat and talked about Sept schedule as  the 4 rooms with bad paint are to get painted in Sept which means I have to clear the things on the walls and move furniture and washer and dryer. I guess the blessing of a bad harvest is that I am not trying to can and deal with paint jobs.

Hubby found out we lost a classmate which was also a good childhood friend of my last night in a car accident. OVI is suspected.

We went to Marion and saw Daddy. He is doing as well as expected for a 92 yrs old and dementia. He knew who I was, asked where Hubby was as he was signing us in and Daddy didn't see him walk by as he was napping in his chair in the lobby.  We only stayed a few minutes as he wanted to go to the church service at 1:30 as it was the son of the preacher who used to preach at Daddy's church before my step mom died (1990s). Told my brother we were there when he went in later...Good day for Daddy. We saw pictures the nursing home had taken when they took the residents to a local park for fishing.Daddy did a bit of fishing, even took off his jacket and long sleeve shirt. I haven't seen him in his muscle shirt in about 5 yrs. The man still has muscles.I mentioned it to the staff and they said Daddy was one of the few that would lift himself (155 lbs)to and from the chair. They just make sure he doesn't fall during the move. Also lifts hand weights in therapy twice a week.

We stopped to visit Hubby's parents as his dad has lung issues from chemicals he used while farming. Admitted it was on the side of the chemical to use mask and gloves and he felt it was a waste of his money to buy that and time to use that.  Made the comment his younger self didn't care much for his older self.. They are doing okay... definitely on a diet as both are over 50 lbs of weight if not more. They offered to feed us but we declined as what they were eating I couldn't eat.

We stopped at our local Chinese buffet , used coupon and only got water to drink, even though I really like their unsweetened tea and it was still lunch prices. Cost less than going across the street to Arby's and I had fried rice (made sure I didn't get peas,carrots or onions in the rice) meatballs in sauce, green beans and mushrooms. Tapioca pudding for my sweet. Didn't go back for seconds or thirds which is normal. Owner told me she hoped I got to feeling better as she knew I had been down again.

We came home, watched British bake off and I took my biologic.

Feels like a fall day without sunshine as the rain comes in bands with plenty of wind. I only washed the towels as that filled the drying rack plus had to put 3 things out on the kitchen porch line as I ran out of room. Doubt if they will dry at all.
Meds for diverticulitis is messing with my Crohn's and didn't do as well with my biologic so my GI pulled me off the meds a couple days early. I am grateful I have another script in for nausea meds that Hubby is picking for me as I am still in PJs resting. I didn't sleep at all during the night. I would have rather floated in and out of a light sleep than none at all. Nausea hit hard this morning again. BUT I am eating lightly, crackers, banana etc.

Hubby was suppose to be home for lunch, didn't happen as it rained and caused 2 of the hauls to be flipped. He carries homemade trail mix and granola bars all the time now along with a thermos of coffee as all he hauls for will offer him water when he stops at their places.  He also told me the one that is having him work during lunch gave me a gift certificate for a free pizza at the local place. So he was getting that on the way home to have for his supper for me to not worry about feeding him as there is salad already made in the frig and 2 slices of cantaloupe. I will probably do soup if still feeling like this.

I had a talk to my bank about them changing the rules of how to keep fees off. They did look back and see they hadn't sent me notice of the change so refunded me the fees and then offered to change the checking acct to one I wouldn't pay fees...Then came back and acknowledged that when we opened the 3rd acct it was noted to change my checking also because I don't have automatic payments put in it and it didn't get done. So that got changed. HOPEFULLY correctly this time. Hubby keeps enough money in his checking he doesn't pay fees, we have auto deposit to the joint and my credit card was suppose to keep mine free.

Our house ins wasn't going to give us the discount for paying in full since it is in escrow.... they changed their minds when our ins agent reminded them that an escrow acct is PAID BY US like if we were putting it in a checking out anyways with an auto with drawl. SO we got that $200 discount for the year payment. He then started checking ALL his customers and followed up on a few that had the same issue. Was glad I said something to him about it instead just silently fuming... I am not silent when I fume...that's Hubby until he goes into steam roller mode.

Hope you have a great week. Going back to bed to rest