Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7th , my frugal week

Rascal My Garden buddy. He will stay with me even during the hottest part of the day so I set my timer to make sure he (and myself) get a break from the sun and get a good drink of water. I can toss his ball that he usually goes no where without into the shade and sometimes he will just lay there with it as long as he can see me

Volunteer garlic, ended up being 30 plants I transferred to another garden as we were digging that old one up completely and had moved what herbs were in it to another garden.Makes up for the garlic that didn't grow over the winter. I do better with fall planted garlic so we will see how this goes.

Kira, or Miss Kira as our daughter that talked me into going to the no kill shelter that thought it was closing its door to get her due to her being a black lab retriever like our daughter's late dog and being named Kira like her....She is her daddy's girl. IF he is sleeping she is either in the room beside the bed with him or at the bedroom door. She check on me but she prefers to be protecting her daddy.

 We went to auction and got most of the plants I wanted/needed. What we didn't get we got at an Amish green house (low priced), our local hardware store (had a sale) and Walmart (on Sale). We had to buy potting soil for straw bales and garden dirt for the sq ft gardens that needed redone . Kind of kicked our rears for not buying the garden dirt last fall when it goes on clearance but since we were buying so much the manager discounted it for us.STILL we came in under budget for the gardens compared to the last 3 yrs of about 1/3 rd.

 I stopped looking at the sales ads from the local grocery stores when they come in. If I don't NEED anything, I'm not going and seeing something on sale triggers the "might not find it cheaper and have to go without" even though there is no place for it...Hoarding is NOT good . Pantry and freezers are full.Frig isn't crowded.I am trying to use up some condiments that we don't use often to get them out of the frig and NOT restock them.

I did some ordering using coupons, sales, swagbucks... I got some patterns of clothes of the style I prefer to wear that was on clearance, saving 80%. I saved 50% off my order for nonfood pantry items and we saved 50% of getting our lawn mowers fixed and regular maintenance by having one of Hubby's coworkers do it instead of the local shop. Hubby doesn't do that type of thing.

We have to buy drinking water here as the well water even ran through a whole house filter system isn't fit to drink or even using in the coffee maker. I found my old water filter pitcher, got new filters for it and ran water through it. After figuring out the price of filters etc we will save about 50% using the filter. Since we don't drink cold water I don't have to deal with it taking up space in the frig.

We ate out twice, once with friends and the other while going to auction, both times using coupons and then got ice cream...not with coupon.

We didn't throw out any food...nothing. Usually something slips by but not this week.

What have you done frugal?

Blessed Be