Sunday, January 30, 2022

Frigid...this week's plans

 Still no propane. BUT since we took the pump house off the propane and went to kerosene there. We aren't dropping like we were. Which means the pump house needs the old insulation (on punch list but low priority) ripped out and replaced with better and possible the window in there even though covered with plastic should probably be replaced also, THIS YEAR.  We will also have an 120 gallon propane tank installed for the pump house alone. Our supplier does that size also.

I made instant mashed potatoes instead of frying potatoes to go with sausage gravy. We had enough for lunch and supper last night.

M sent eggs over last night so that's the menu for today with the leftover sausage gravy and the potatoes.

Looking at the roller coaster of temps of the weather with Tuesday 45 and rain and Wed 38 and SNOW  and temps back down BELOW zero without windchill by Friday.

Monday I have contrast (drink not injection) CT scan and blood work to see if I have developed antibodies to my Humira. We have to leave at 5:30 in the morning , two hr. drive, 3 hrs. for testing and then 2 hrs. back home.  Hopefully we will get propane.

Tuesday is Chinese New Year.  We have Chiro. I might stop at thrift stores in Sidney to look for stuff for GS D.

I was planning to make the dinner, Hubby suggested we get it on the way home from the testing and just get enough to have leftovers for Tuesday. As I usually eat rice after testing anyways. Both of our Chinese restaurants are closed on Tuesday (pizza shop and one restaurant is closed on Mondays) . I will also need to start gathering what I am giving Grandson D for his 1st apt. He was texting me last night as his oldest brother is moving in with him that they need food and kitchen stuff. He thought it was funny when I asked Box cook or scratch cook. UNTIL his brother went " box mac and cheese or Uncle B's mac and cheese) then he understood. He is a box cook. Oldest said he would buy perishables as he cooks from scratch. So I am just fill the cabinets not the frig and freezer. GS D then sent Towels, wash cloths, dish towels, dish cloths, bedding dishes pots and pans... cleaning supplies.... then just put ... HELP ME. Oldest is trying to make the youngest get most of it as he is only moving in to help D get up on his feet. He is turning 19 but is in last year of high school. Oldest didn't like the idea of him going out on his own. BUT plans to move out after GS D graduates and can work full time to pay the bills on his own. Living with either parent is not a good choice and he has been floating between his 2 brothers the past year. 

Wed. I will clear and reorganize the kitchen frig and it's freezer. I will do finances also. Start the bread starter so I can bake bread on Thursday. Probably will pull meals from that freezer

Thursday  Finish what ever up. Make noodles as I am out. Bake bread.

Friday is up in the air. GS D doesn't move until the 11th so I don't think I will be taking stuff to him until that date. I might go shopping at the local Goodwill and the Dollar General. 

Saturday up in the air.

Blessed Be