Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Frugal moments

We got the electric bill... Down $35.

We have a digital thermometer in the pump house and a propane heater. As long as the temp stays above 38 we won't have the heat lamp on which Hubby really wanted to just leave on. Wind chills that put the outside temp below that we will plug in heat lamp.

Hubby is not having to plug his diesel truck in every night, maybe once a week now if that.

The sump pump is no longer plugged in and running.

Humidifier is off in front room. Bedroom humidifier is only on when I am sleeping.

I only have the answering machine/charger plugged in so I rotate which phone is being charged.

I turn off the power cord to my phone charger etc when not in use.

We unplug or turn off power strips to computers.JUST and FYI  Son 2 in his own home put his desk top on a power strip and turns it off now, dropped his electric by $25 and that is the only change he has made, now he is replacing lights with LED in is office.

We turn off the printer when not in use.

We use task lights 95 % of the time. If we need the kitchen and dining area both lit up, I use the chandelier as it's over the bfast bar and lights up both areas. LED light bulbs in it.

We turn the furnace down when we leave so it's not running the fan as much.

We do not use the heat dry on the dishwasher.

I very seldom use the dryer (and I don't use it instead of the iron like a couple of my girls do) I use the drying rack and clothes line. I would love to have another drying rack that is LARGER.AND have already mentioned to Hubby I need concrete poured for the clothes line in the yard as the one pole is coming out of the ground.

I will mix loads in the washer. WHY? because one, you will use more power doing 2-3 loads than 1 and two, I never wash reds or new clothes with other clothes that can be stained by release of dye. Rule Mother (Grandmother, great grandma who all used wringer washers and wash boards LOL) had was whites and lights together, medium and darks together, with oranges and reds together.

IF Hubby is not reading he turns the task light off while watching TV, the security light outside actually lights up the wheelchair bathroom, front room and mudroom enough. I have actually read sitting in the love seat in the front room using the security light.

We limit TV time. Hubby used to sleep with the TV on, something his doctor told him to stop doing for his health as constant noise is not good for you. First he set the timer for 90 min, then 60 and now it's 30 min if he sets it at all and doesn't' just turn it off. He isn't not much for watching sports so that's never been an issue. I watch the news ... really I just watch the weather. And Maybe a cook show a couple times a week. Hubby it depends, news yes, cook show or history show for an hour. Then it's off. Weekends maybe 1 game but not usual.

We use an oil lamp in the mornings for about an hour and during supper if there is not enough light. Hubby said the LED Christmas lights I hung for a night light is enough light for him to make coffee and put his lunch together. So he is no longer turning the lamp on in the corner of the kitchen.

I mended a shirt, a pair of my pants, a pillowcase and comforter by hand so didn't run sewing machine.

We bought no groceries this week. Both times we ate out was free as we used coupons and someone else paid for as thank yous.

I washed plastic bags and foil to reuse.

We ate an odd mix of leftovers for Friday supper instead of my cooking something else.

Hubby took and thermos of coffee and boiled eggs, crackers and apples to eat while driving to KY to pick up the new trailer (that will have a title so can get tags) and drop off the one that can't be titled. They are going to go over it with a fine tooth comb to see if they can find any numbers to trace it back, if it's a salvage trailer they will try to sell it for him as their local farmers are willing to buy salvage trailers for the fields.

Hubby watches Create TV, Cooks Country, American Test Kitchen and Milk Street.  Repeatedly want something made that the recipe is you have to be a member to get.Last night he said in celebration of our 1 yr anniversary of closing on the house. He wanted us to pay for the membership. I found a 12 wk membership for $1 for Milk Street on Facebook. I will cancel the membership before the 12th week. I bookmarked Cooks country website (free). I figure by mid summer his interest will go somewhere else.Right now he is watching TV for about an hour after the news, that won't happen when it's warm enough to be outside.

E *Amish neighbor, needed a ride to Walmart to get a couple things for the baby. Worked well since I needed to pick up a couple things also. Got to know they named the baby Anna after her aunt.

Hubby got home with new trailer and the company that sold it had already changed some seals and barrings as they found a small leak on one and decided to change ALL of them. BEFORE he got there. Which was nice. They also started checking the other trailer out and they said someone had painted the trailer and that is probably why Hubby couldn't find any numbers. They said to call them back around Wed/Thurs and they should be done searching for answers for him.

UPDATE on trailer...company had to strip most the paint away but they found enough number that they could trace that it was salvaged and not stolen. It also is a 2006 not a 2013 as listed on the bill of sale. The company put it up for sale and already had a couple people look at it. I really hope it sells so we don't have to go get it. We could put it in an auction if we do have to bring it back. Amish neighbor E brought a handbill over to another auction that does sell trailers, with noted that there is a live stock trailer being auctioned off.... which is something we have been looking for.

Blessed Be