Friday, May 31, 2019

June Goals

most of May's goals didn't get done either due to down pours of rain or scheduling. Me being sick hit us hard in that area also.

SO June's goals...

go deep sea fishing with BFF who just retired.

trim the entire property (got it mowed but not trimmed)

remove old owner's dog house. E is going to use it for kindling.

Gravel for deck laid

Deck built

put a gate in fence at mudroom door

getting spouting changed in cubby hole area

transport stuff that was Dad's to Daughter 4 and Son 2

do odd jobs at Son 2

put up tower and antenna (HAM radio not tv)

SMOKER put together.

Straightening the fence line at road has been moved to Aug.



Change how kitchen is set up. I am walking to 4-6 places to get stuff to put a meal together (which means it doesn't get put together if we are both tired or I am sick which I am still sick). I used to have a prep counter that held what I used daily and a "basket" in the frig from my containers of dice onion, celery, carrots, bell peppers.I need to change this kitchen to get that back together.

Clean, repaint and set up old computer desk in front room for my computer. That clears 1 1/2 x 4 ft off the bfast counter that I can use for appliances. We sit at the table and use the bfast counter for my computer or any project we are working on.

 nag Hubby about smoker on rainy days

GO over finances as we meet with our financial guy in a couple weeks.

clear garden shed

get house ready for energy audit


Sand and wash area of wall to do apply test paint for contractor that has to redo 4 rooms (half the house) due to bad paint... which actually the paint company said it's not "bad" paint but the contractor didn't specify that I wash walls (I repeatedly told them I did) so they use a middle of the road paint where if they had said something to the paint company they would have told them for the deep pigmentation I choose AND me washing the walls, they would need a higher level of paint.. Lessons learned. The section I am doing the test paint on is about 4 ft by 3 ft. so it's not a big area but still takes time to prep, paint, sand between coats etc.

Finish cleaning pantry (1 1/2 shelves and 3 deep freezers)

Finish getting garden in (please no rain for 3 days in a row would be GREAT)

join a gym... looking at Anytime fitness or YMCA. IF we do YMCA we could also go with Hubby's parents at their YMCA.

Join Son 2 on motorcycle rides.