Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10 Pantry Challenge

I woke up feeling okay, fever is gone, in fact my temperature is now below normal. Hubby got in early from work so since I was feeling okay he agreed we could go to the store. I have been tracking what we spend, coupons and sales etc to keep us in budget. After today's buy I am still saving around 25 % (goal is to be over 30% by April) and we are below half the budgeted amount for the month. After I get a cup of hot tea and curl back up on the couch for the day I am going to write out the menu for the rest of the month. Hubby thought that would help him help me with me still recovering from the flu. We did pick up a couple things that we didn't need...steak and wine for this weekend. My bday is next weekend but Hubby has to work all next weekend so we won't be going out or me fixing a big meal when he is working so I decided to do the big meal this weekend instead. Today's meal is chuck roast (from store today but I knew I would be exhausted by dinner and hubby needs a good meal by now and he isn't going to cook it himself, it was good because I saved $2/lb on it AND I can make at least 3 meals from it. The veggies will come from the pantry along with the fruit for dessert. Blessed Be Juls

Day 9 pantry challenge

Hubby had the last of his Hot sausage chili with Fritos. He took the last of the pork chop, beef roast and the navy bean soup to work for lunch. I had a fried egg sandwich. We are out of bread, out of dog food, and out of hamburger for meatloaf etc. Still have the flu but the fever is mostly gone Blessed Be Juls