Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Income being cut by 1/3rd Jan 2025

 My finance guy let me know the inherited IRA will be done then so I won't have issues with the IRS. I am using it to pay extra on the mortgage. 

I am working on cutting more out go so I can still make extra payments on the mortgage. 

I priced the greenhouse I was wanting Canopia by Palram Hybrid. BUT at this time between the cost of it, permit to build it and the increase of property insurance we will be putting this off and maybe look at it when we get the mortgage paid off. 

We know we have to replace the Silverado this year. The F350 didn't start the other day and Hubby had medical appt an hour away and had to take the Silverado. Neither one of us was comfortable with it being driven that far. 

I normally don't restock until something is half way down in supplies. Hubby suggested I stock up non perishables for at least 2 yrs worth if not 3. I think he is remembering how Daddy made it through 2008 hit and lost 50% of his income and investments. Had to live on his Social Security that around $1,000/month. He always was stocked for 3 yrs so was Mother. 

I am still splitting any rewards, cash back, coupons, sales, rebates, etc between savings and the mortgage. 

Our dentist closed his office here so we are looking for a new dentist. We do not have insurance for this so finding one that is GOOD and not charging an arm and leg is hard.