Monday, October 5, 2020

Fortune cookies/ Oct. goals


Hubby's was the top, mine the bottom and both of us was laughing. He had bought us take out the other night. He comment was the problem was Daughter 4's cancer, the stepping stone is because we are buying her organic food if we don't have it ourselves and the rule is now we (her daughter that is expecting, Daughter 4 and us ) must take a picture of what we are eating...maybe we all will be eating better. Finding her organic food, fresh veggies and fruit is going to be hard during the winter. 

Goals for Oct.

Stay healthy as I know if I get cold and wet I will get sick. 

Decorate for fall.

Clear the gardens including north flower garden

Clear all pots.

Finish processing the food from the gardens.

Transplant spring bulbs

Transplant fall bulbs

Transplant walking onions 

Plant the garlic (after 1st frost)

Shell the dried beans

Finish making the hot sauces Daughter 4 gave Hubby for Father's day.

Fill all the oil lamps 

Get hamburger, veal and ground pork and make meatloaf and meatballs for freezer.

Make noodles to dry for pantry.

Wash and dry (clothes line or drying rack) summer curtains and put in storage.

Weather strip north front room storm window.

Fix the dining room winter curtains

Make winter curtains for French doors

Make winter curtains for bedroom

Continue seasonal cleaning. Still working through  drawers, cabinets and shelves. I'll start cleaning outside windows this week on warm days that are above 68.

Hubby will help with clearing the gardens and planting the garlic. 

He also wants to finish the last field tile, burn the last two stumps , test the gas generator , cover the AC, cover the crawl space vents at dining room (they are right at the heater vents so sucks all the heat during the winter) Finish the air barrier in the north attic and the east/west attic. 

I would like to have this done BEFORE Nov 1st... why? Because Nov 1st is the start of National Novel Writers Month that I try to do yearly. That's 50,000 words during the month of Nov. Average is 1667 words a day or around 15 words per min for less than 2 hrs a day.

Financially... Daughter 4 gave us her budget, her daughter will help keep her on track of paying the bills on time. We estimated the groceries on the high side as I figure I won't always be able to pull a variety for her to eat and she must eat a variety to stay healthy. She will pay everything she can first and then let us know if she needs help (a week before it's due). BUT in our finances I planned for the worse so we could cover her completely.

Then we did the finances for the business for the slow time is already starting to happen. There has been a bit of an increase as several decided to change to pipe fence instead of wood or barb wire. Last a lot longer and the animals can't shove through it. That will give Hubby 2 jobs for this month that he didn't have. He has 2 maybe 4 for the produce auction and that will finish it.  We figure he needs 6 months for the business. 

The house budget got cut in some areas and increased in the others. We did decide to continue to pay extra on the mortgage.  When Daughter 4 is recovered and starts paying us back that money will also go on the mortgage. We figure 2 solid years after last treatment for her to be back up and ready to start repaying the debt.

I need a basic grocery list... instead of I would like this on this week.  We will be going to the store once a month for basic, then Hubby will pick up milk when he is already out when needed. 

What do you have planned for Oct?

Blessed Be