Thursday, February 22, 2018

209 update

We have the appraisal back...that was about $10,000 more than we thought it would be let alone needed it to be.

We have the house inspection back and we had actually covered everything needing done when we went over it with the contractor. SO nothing added there.

The underwriter had some questions (they always do) and I already had that paperwork around incase they asked so that was dealt with within 30 min...

Now it's just sit and wait 12 days for the closing.

We played a bit and plugged some things into the program Hubby is using for free. The door to the left of the green door is the east front door (or house 2)
The green door by the stove is actually a 4 x 8 green pegboard I hang my pots and pans on . The program didn't allow just green boards LOL. This is the south side of the kitchen and it going to be the cooking center. The little table is a 24 x 30 inch porcelian top I just found that I will make into a table to be by the stove. Hallway goes to the bedroom(blue)bathroom(orange) and laundryroom (lime green)The gray cabinet with white top is suppose to be our French door frig and the dark box is a blue metal cabinet that was my late husband's grandmothers. While looking at this I noticed I will need to have something to hang the onions and garlic from by the stove and a shelf for the hot pads.

This is looking at the west wall that is the kitchen and dining area. Outside those French doors will be a deck and a huge red barn. The Hoosier cabinet we hope will fit here , the round table will actually be my retangle porcelian table (we made it round because we only could do round and square)that was my parents that came from their landlord's family when my parents married. This is going to be my "baking center". The cabinet on the far right of the purple wall is my china hutch (I know it fits there because the lady that lived there had hers there), square table is our dining table...the door at the china hutch goes to the mudroom.
First door which is actually the middle door of north wall goes to the staircase. The other door going to the red room is the front room. The purple wall is on the east side. I might put a bookcase between the windows to hold my cookbooks. Microwave and the roll cart it sits on is at the end of the penisula that my white kitchenaid mixer is on (blue one is also with a blender but doesn't show well) The roll cart holds the Lifetime wear cooking pans my Daddy bought Mother for Christmas after they bought their house...and two weeks later he was laid off when the company he worked for closed.They remind me that even in really hard times it can be okay.

This is the east wall. The dishwasher might be moved to the penisula since I am not willing to go without it and the contractor was having a issue getting it in the cabinet with the Crane sink. The penisula will be my prep area. I can see us eating breakfast and lunch there if it is just one of us.Hubby said it might let him be in the kitchen with me without me telling him to get out of the walk way LOL.  It can go unsaid that this is the cleaning area of the kitchen. I am thinking of hanging this on the wall where the coffee pots are sitting (on dishwasher).
I might put a bar like this also by stove for hotpads...something to think about.I am pretty sure we have dowel rods in the garage here.

I already got the curtains for the purple area(I did have to buy 1 set as I had 2 sets but they were half price so that was fine) I have a couple different curtains I can use at the sink if I feel that need as the porch is right there and it is roofed so I might not need one. I haven't figured out where to put the trash can but if Wilbur is still with us I am bungie cording it to the wall as his late mommy the beloved Weebles taught him to knock it over and take the lid off so she could eat the trash as she wasn't big enough to do it.It's not something we have gotten broke completely with him.

Tomorrow we go to Menards and order the range,frig,dishwasher and a dryer since everything is on sale AND they have the 11% rebate. It will save us over $1000. By ordering it, it won't be in until after closing so we don't have to deal with it sitting here amongst Daughter 2's stuff.

She was suppose to be able to start cleaning her new place this coming weekend but due to pouring rain the owner wasn't able to get all her stuff out. Not sure how that is going since owner is getting married out of state on Saturday. Frustrating on this end for Daughter2's family and us but can't blame the owner for not wanting to get her stuff soaked as we did when Daughter2 moved out of the last place.

Blessed Be