Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Mortgage and what we saved this past week

* means the sales tax we did not pay on what we saved is included  

We refinanced our mortgage and on Sept 01, 2021, the first payment of the new loan had the mortgage balance at $247,500.00 with final payment Sept 01, 2051.

Cash back from Hubby's credit card (new card)  0.35

Cash back from my credit card  $79.00

Pinecone survey's $10.

Swagbucks $23.

Rite Aid $4.29 *

Cash discount at Dentist $10.20

Amazon coupon $4.29 *

Walmart sale 0.26 * 

CVS coupons/discounts $4.40* 

Total saved and transferred to mortgage $135.70

As of today with all the extra payments we have paid.  

We are at $237,108.85 with final payment to be Oct. 01, 2049 (Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator for the date) According to our Amortization schedule we have paid off over 25 months, just short $334 to be 26 months. 

We have ate from the freezers , pantry, gardens, and what others has given us. 

I turned the furnace down daily to help save propane. We have already cut usage to get us 3 wks (hoping for 4) farther on this tank than we did last year. 

I bought groceries for the rest of the month and for 2 dinners we are going to, one being for our grandson that is home from Italy. 

We are trying to coordinate Christmas deliveries. 

 Daughter 1 and Son 2  are before Christmas, 

Daughter 2 (whose had son coming in from Italy) Christmas day (supper time)

Son 1 is not sure yet, usually Christmas eve but he comes to us or he might be on vacation out of state by then. 

Daughter 3 is not sure yet .

Daughter 4 is celebrating Jan 1st (takes pressure off her daughter and son in law with holiday conflict).