Tuesday, November 12, 2019


We got at least 2 inches if not closer to 3. I am just not willing to go out and measure on the ramp. Temp was 9 this morning with windchill at 5 but as soon as the sun broke out of the clouds it warmed up to 14 and the wind pretty much slowed down. Winds coming from the north west.

Our Amish neighbor M's sister in law, F is fighting cancer. Hubby has taken her several time for her chemo. Her doctors are now sending her to Mexico as there is nothing left stateside to try to help her. Heartbreaking. She knows she might not make it back from Mexico as she is in so bad of shape and she has young ones. We are doing what we can for them. The blessing is F lives next to a brother and his 12 children are a bit older than hers so they are helping take care of the kids so the parents and parents in law can help take care of F.

Trash went to the road last night to be picked up this morning. We had a talk about the 1/2 piece of chicken and 1 cup of rice that got tossed due to him telling me he wanted it for lunch and then eating cheese and crackers instead and then the next day an egg sandwich. I thought he had ate the chicken and rice as he had shoved it in a veggie drawer instead of leaving it sit where I put leftovers. GRR.

He was upset he had to take a partial bag to the trash can because it had the chicken and rice in it. My answer was you should have left it sitting in the leftovers shelf and I would have ate it or reminded you to eat it. Then we wouldn't be wasting trash sacks.

We got a free pizza from one of the guys Hubby used to work with. He had a free pizza coupon from buying his lunch at the gas station but they don't eat pizza so he gave it to Hubby. Got 2 meals from it.

We ate from the pantry. I have pulled 3 days of food from the pantry and brought it up to the kitchen with a note of what to pull from the freezers the night before needed. It seems to be working as I was sick yesterday(weather change whacks me out on top of still fighting my allergies) and was able to flip meals without even thinking about what to fix.

We put a thermometer where we intended to store root veggies. It was too warm so we started moving the thermometer to other places. Looks like the north loft wins again.

We went to Kroger's for their sale that matched my rebates from Ibota and coupons.

I got the butter that has been running around $5.97/ lb for the last few months that was on sale for $2.99. If you bought 10 you got it at $2.49. So I got 10. My Ibota had a rebate of 50 cents on 5 of them. Hubby figure it out that meant I save 25 cents on 10 bringing the price down to $2.24.  Saving $3.73 on each for a total savings of $37.30. I use 52 lbs of butter a year total between table use and baking. I do have canned butter still so that will be table use.That should put me at 26 lbs for this year for baking. Canned butter doesn't do well in baking.

I got tea that was marked on clearance as this store doesn't carry it during the winter(family size bags) and had coupons so I got tea for 99 cents each normally closer to $2.99. Saving $4.00

I got flavored creamer. I only buy it during the holidays when it's on sale and I have coupons. Normal price was $3.99 on sale for $2.49, Buy 5 and it goes to $1.99. I had 3 coupons of 50 cents off. I also had Ibota for 50 cents for each up to 5. Hubby figure that to take 80 cents off each for $1.19. Saving $14.

I bought a 17 lb turkey marked down from $1.69 to $1.09 and then got a rebate from Ibota for $3. Brought the price down to 91 cents. A bit more than I normally spend but I am having trouble finding turkeys closer to 17-20 lbs. Buying 2 -10 pound turkeys just means I have double the bones.

I bought 2 portabella mushrooms caps for an appetizer. They were on clearance for $1(last day for them) and I had a coupon for 50 cents. Normal price is $4.99 so I save $4.49 cents.

After doing the survey for Kroger's we will have 10 cents a gal off fuel.IT will probably be used on the Jeep since I have 3 medical appts this month all of them over 1 hr away one way.

We did all the regular things ... close curtains at dusk, open on east side at dawn. We keep the rest closed until the sun is up more. Washed foil, sandwich bags, freezer bags , and bread bags. Use LED lights for night lights. Use only task lighting and only the oil lamp at the table. The furnace is set at 72...which means my bedroom, laundry room and bathroom are 72, which sucks in the bedroom as I prefer to have a cooler room. HVAC guy told me to close the vents half but not completely as it would mess up how the furnace runs based on air flow. The kitchen and dining room are 70 and the mudroom, front room and wheelchair bathroom are 68 on a good day. Front room will drop to 66 at night. Just how this house rolls no matter what our HVAC guy tried. House should have really had 2 furnaces and ac's but the cost on propane would have killed us. We will just handle the cooler rooms and use electric heater if needed.

We added more wind block to the front room windows and a heavy curtain to block the east/west lofts staircase opening. We could feel the cold coming straight down the stairs to the table.

We needed a coat rack in the front room for guest and a different one that would hold Hubby heavy carhart bibs and coats in the mudroom. Hubby found a board that I had painted red from the old farm and cut it to fit those two places. We used the coat hooks that N had left here when they moved for the mudroom. As they are designed that you can put a narrow board on top of. Hubby will be looking for a narrow board in the barn to put on it for gloves and such. I will have to buy hooks for the front room as they need to be a lot smaller so they don't hit the door when it's opened all the way. The red paint blends well with the red paint in the front room.I kind of like the pop of color in the mudroom also.If I decide to paint it white it will be during the summer.

I change the style of heater vent deflector under the table by the front door to bring the heat out farther from under the table.I used one that is suppose to be under a couch.

Since I am baking a pork loin today I decided to dice up the last of the rutabaga, turnip , add a carrot and potatoes, toss with oil and herbs and roast on a cookie sheet while the pork is in. I might also do a strawberry quick bread that Daughter 2 posted on Facebook.

How is your week going?