Thursday, March 11, 2021

Old age and movement

 I did 12 deep knee bends at physical therapy Tuesday and both legs let me know on Wednesday I needed to do more of that if I didn't want to ache like I am HA HA.

Hubby raked the asparagus patch so I could spread the preen and green on it... E stopped in the middle of the road and asked what I thought I was doing as I had just had my hip replaced.  I just laughed.

We get comments all the time from the Amish about what work we do. We used to get it from the Englishers we lived around also. We are in our 60s not 80s LOL.

Yes we dig post hole manually though Hubby will sometimes go get the tractor and digger if it is more than 2 holes. Yes we climb of roofs, ladders for spouting issues, move limbs, etc. 

We both know when you stop doing the work, you stop being able to do the work as you are not moving those muscles. My parents always worked . Mom until she got cancer and we lost her, pop until the dementia won, Daddy until he literally could not walk any more. All were in their 80s. Hubby's parents retired at 68, bought a one floor home (they don't use the basement) and sat down to "enjoy" retirement. Now they can't walk up and down stairs, can't get in a tub, and both need to have surgery but because they didn't lower what they were eating while just sitting they have to lose a lot of weight to have surgery. Both weigh over 300 lbs. 

SO we will keep working, keep moving and keep walking the stairs like my parents. Handle the finances like Daddy.... The better your health the cheaper the cost of medical during the elderly years.

How are you preparing for the elderly years?