Sunday, November 14, 2021

Yes I live in Ohio and yes I have garden producing plus menu


You can see there are two behind this one.  How it looked (all 3 really) before harvesting.

This is what it looks like now

It's all covered back up now as it is snowing here today (Sunday)

I got  red and black radishes and their greens, 2 different mustard greens, two heads of lettuce, half of a gallon of spinach leaves, turnips and their greens, fire red Swiss chard and ford hook Swiss chard.

I kept some of the 2 chards radish greens, turnip greens and mustard greens for soups (Soupe Pelou from Twelve Months of Monastery soups and The Prudent Homemaker Brandy's Swiss chard soup). The rest of the greens went into the dehydrators and then grinded them up. I have 16 oz of powder organic greens (savings of $23.50 -$35.95) 

I based the coming menu on the leftovers and garden.

 On Friday's lunch ,son 2 brought his lady up to meet us and the right before turning in the driveway admitted he never brough a girlfriend home to meet us(female friends yes, girl friend including the one he lived with NO) . I fixed turkey (meat from freezer and broth I canned) noodles (M's noodles she gave me) mashed potatoes (last I got off B) green beans (I canned) and homemade bread with choice of peach jelly (I canned) or apple butter (I canned) . They took leftovers home and I shoved ours in the freezer.

We had left over mac and cheese and a small piece of smoked sausage (from Thursday). I diced the sausage, tossed in the mac and cheese and added peas I had froze from the gardens and served it with applesauce I had canned for our meal Saturday.

Sunday's meal is leftover steak chopped and added to veggies in frig made into an  frittata and make biscuits.

Monday's sausage gravy , biscuits and the leftover mashed potatoes of Friday made into potato cakes.

Tuesday's leftover stir fry, our local Chinese restaurant is now has their dining room back open. It's not a buffet like it was  but they have a good menu. I froze the leftovers. I will add veggies and maybe some rice.

Also on the menu

Soupe Pelou with brat patties (instead of brat like hotdogs)

Swiss chard soup with grilled ham and cheese (either bake bread as we are now out or use tortilla wraps)

Harvest chicken, apple, sweet potato and Brussel sprouts one dish 

Haluski, might add peas and need to add some kind of pork on the side to make Hubby happy.

Looking at making refrigerator pickled radishes, apple cider donut cake, homemade saltines and most likely more bread along with the biscuits. 

I have my back injections on Monday afternoon so I need to have a couple days of meals prepped before we leave for that.