Saturday, September 2, 2023


 was when Living on a Little was originally published. 

Great granddaughter is still in children's hospital. She had a VAD implanted as she's too young for shunt. She has to be 36 wks. and she's only 33. She's doing better for what she is going through. The brain bleed stopped, they will be checking again this week to make sure she hasn't started that back up. 

FIL is home from surgery. Still has catheter. Well be having home care to see what needs to be changed in the house for them to remain safely in the home and PT at home for now. Hubby took him home with MIL using their car. Notice FIL felt a little wobbly walking on the front room carpet so Hubby got him MIL extra walker. 

FIL told Hubby they don't have enough money for even one of them to go in the nursing home. The home they bought is not built for even a walker to go through the bedroom doors or bathroom door. Hubby offered years ago to widen the doors, grandson is electrician to move light switches. They said no. They didn't even want to put in a wheelchair shower. MIL has mild polio but was" I want to soak in the tub" mode... now she barely can get in and out of the tub to shower. Hubby came home last night and said he was thankful we made sure we could stay here and not go to nursing home due to the house. Daddy only had to move because the bathroom was not built for handicap and it would cost as much as his house was worth to change it. He lived in a poverty area in one of the best houses. Wasn't that way when he bought it 50 yrs ago.

The Roma beans have bloomed again so won't pull those.

Zucchini vine is half dead so Hubby said he would pull it. 

The cantaloupe exploded in the last down pour of 3 inches. PLUS I have new ones starting on the vines. Hubby is deciding it he want to put the exploded cantaloupe in the compost pile so they will grow there next year or the following like the freaking tan pumpkins do that we haven't planted in 2 years.

The watermelon vines are starting to die.

The goat's bag and ox heart tomatoes are turning red !!!! probably about 2-3 wks. and they will be done. UNLESS they bloom again LOL.

The red cherry tomatoes and golden cherry tomatoes are ready for picking again.

Let's see what is left in the garden....

All 10 boxes of potatoes are ready to dig. Eggplant and some kale. Might be mini bell peppers hiding under the one tomato plant.

We decided to plant fall garden... Hubby said he would rig a row cover over the trellis so it could go into Nov/ early Dec. He wants lettuce, radishes, carrots, and turnips. I am adding kale, mini bok choy, tatsoi mustard, Swiss chard, collards (daughter 3 requested), Chinese cabbage (Amish gave me seeds as they grow this as a fall plant),  and spinach, I am quite sure I can walk across the pasture and hand M an extra fresh veggies from the garden this fall as her gardens are wrapping up. Her tomatoes are about 2 wks. in front of mine.  I already have fall onions in.

Garlic bulbs to plant this fall start coming in Sept 19th. 

I will probably buy some sugar pumpkins, butternut, acorn squash and apples (for applesauce and fresh eating. Honeycrisp and Crispin have held for 6 months in the frig for me.

Best get at it. 

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be