Sunday, July 21, 2019

heat warning frugal

 We still opened the house up when the temperature was below 80 and closed it up and turned AC on when it hit 85 (or higher if there was a breeze) AC is set on 78. Fan are sitting at vents to help move the cold air around.

We open curtains on side of house with NO sun , close the ones that the sun is coming in. between noon and 1 we close up the one side and open the other.

We cooked our meals in the morning and ate them cold or microwaved them to reheat. I got a few zucchini from the garden and a couple green tomatoes off a dying tomato plant.

We ate the lettuce that is now bolting. Hubby said he is feeding it to the horses next door as a bribe to let him pet them.

We have also figured out the light weight sheers on the French doors was not a good thought for the summer. Most of this summer I have had another set over them to keep the sun out. SO curtains for those doors is added to my curtain making list.

We decided on a blind for the mudroom window. Neither of us can reach this window very well as the counter (old sink and was the kitchen) that we do not want to tear out is wider than our standard Englisher counters.

We have watered the plants that are in pots using the cistern (has a hand pump in the mudroom sink)

We are drinking a lot of water, glad our well water tastes good even before we got the softener.

We are getting up early to get work done even in the house (21 items off punch list, 2 items off energy audit list).

The heat is suppose to break on Tuesday, I sure hope so because my AC needs a vacation.