Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cleaning home and self

While down I have taken a hard look at what I am buying at the store.

Food wise the amount is less than $150 a month but still there is more than plenty going in the trash. Definitely need to up the left over night and more plan over meals.It's the attitude of "hubby will take it for lunch to work or I will eat it for lunch or a snack" that is causing things to get dumped in the trash can instead.If nothing else, it needs to be packaged for the freezer especially with garden season coming in.

Non-food is killing the budget.

I've tried several cleaning products always on the look out for something that eases the cleaning and makes the house smell good at the same time.So I spent some time looking back through my notes of interviews with elders and came up with the following list.

Olive oil,safflower oil,baking soda,white vinegar,apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice. Not only are these food products but they are usable to clean your home and yourself( clean and skin care) and can be use to medical also.

Castor oil (can stain material), mineral oil,vaseline,rubbing alcohol,and witch hazel can help clean and are medical items

Castile soap, naptha soap, washing soda,borax and glycerine will clean the home and yourself along with skin care.

examples of the above could make: furniture polish, window cleaner, toilet cleaner, all purpose cleaner, oven cleaner, scouring powder, dish soap,laundry soap, laundry stain remover,laundry fabric softener, shampoo, conditioner, liquid body soap,skin moisturizer,lotion to ease body aches, insommia,sleeplessness,reduce inflammation, laxative, stomach issues,fungal infections,acne, ringworm and etc.

Instead of me joining the throw away society I can spend a few minutes and make my own cleaners out of "greener" products that I either already have or can easily get and spend less money, be healthier and reuse containers.

Now if I could just get them to clean the house on their own Lol.

on my feet

Just when I thought I was getting back to my feet...my gallbladder kicked them out from under me.

Not used to sitting around and resting, I thought of tons of things I needed to get done once I uncurled from the fetal position. Anyone that has had gallbladder issues can tell you recover just isn't that fast.

So out of boredom...

I made a list of 25 meals from the pantry that can be put together and on the table in 30 minutes.

I made a master grocery list reflecting the new way I have to eat.

I made a list of homemade cleaning products and their recipes so I can quit having asthma attackes from my cleaning products and cut the non-food portion of the grocery bill down. We spend twice the amount on non-food that we do on food.

I made a list of homemade personal care products.

I made a list of my garden stuff needed to be bought, started and etc.

I made a new budget for the finances

I made a list of the projects that need to lower heat bill to be done before winter hits.I know it will take me all summer to get them done.

I bounced doctor appointments and tests( last one tomorrow crossing my fingers. At least the second medication is working.

Now with sunshine, warmer weather and taking care of myself I should be able to be back to feet and be organize...if I don't lose the lists. SMILE

have a blessed day!!