Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jan 15 to 21 menu

Due to changes in meds (and there will be another one in a couple weeks) I have sat down and wrote out the meds schedule and when I have to eat...because over half my meds need to have food with them but can't be taken close to other meds. I am really focused on serving sizes and getting more walking in as I don't want to gain weight.

Bfast menu is French toast with bacon/oatmeal bar with yogurt/apple muffin with yogurt/egg sandwich (bagel,bread or English muffin) cream of wheat with sausage patty/oatmeal with egg (how ever I want to fix it that morning LOL) and omelet.

Morning snack. My doctor strongly suggested pureed fruit with my new med which is what I take at this time so that will be what this snack is. I will set up my blender so if I don't have applesauce in the frig like I do right now, I can puree up what ever is on hand.

Lunch...SIGH... I am going to try to eat salads....daily.... I like salads, I always eat them when out, I eat a chef salad before I eat my pizza but let's get real...I HATE PREPPING SALADS. I just am not willing to pay that extra money to have it prepped for me LOL.... I have been known to eat what my friend calls salad sandwiches.So Sunday evening I will be prepping salads but in my head I will tell myself I am prepping veggies to use during the week in dinners instead...Sometimes I have to "mommy" myself.Salads will have a protein/carb with them due to meds.

Afternoon snack.This is around 2 pm when I have my tea, it will be mostly a small carb...biscotti, cookie, cake, fig newton, something small. I've done this for years so it's not a change.

Dinner this week...123 pasta (using leftovers up)/Eggroll Bowl (has rice)/ smoked sausage,bell peppers and onion over LO Rice/ham and scalloped potatoes casserole/ red beans and LO rice/Chicken breast (several varieties of precooked in freezer)with winter sq (depending on choice of chicken of which winter sq) and Risotto...probably beef,mushroom and radicchio

Evening snack...jello, pudding, custard, yogurt, frozen yogurt or juice, Maybe popcorn ...something very light but still enough I can take the last med that requires food.I might try to ride the exercise bike after the snack instead of riding it in the morning.Though taking a walk around the perimeter in the dark (I have a good flashlight) in the cold might help me sleep longer than 4 hrs.