Monday, July 26, 2010

Mondays and garden

It's Monday so the clothes are hanging on the line( ok I took the picture BEFORE hanging the unmentionables)I usually try to get the bedding done on Monday but it didn't get done so it's on tomorrow's laundry.

I didn't start the home blessing.Except for Sammy our sheltie, shedding small yorkies the house is in good shape.Cookie,our husky,border collie mix, isn't shedding much since I butched her hair.I think I could have shaved Sammy bald and he would have still shedded yorkies.

I cleared some of the garden up...things no longer growing and producing got pitched and containers cleaned and put away to go to lock up. The pumpkin vine now needs 2 pictures to get all of it. I've picked enough sweet basil to fill the dehydrator.Took a good whack at my finger so had to stop and play doctor with it.Have Thai basil, spicy basil and boxwood basil also but I have finally got it staggered enough to not hit all at once. Chives will need done after this batch of basil. Have tomatoes and hot peppers to can in the next day or so.

Decided to hit the local fair tonight so dinner will be there. Hubby will have to rein me in like always...I definately will eat too much too fast and it won't necessarily be healthy.I mean, come's the fair. Elephant ears,Belgin waffles,lemonades,fries, deep fried veggies(NOT pickles),cotton candy and maybe a caramel apple just for appetizer of course HA HA.Then I'll have to walk 10 miles to burn the calories back off.

have a blessed day