Monday, August 9, 2021


 I have been writing out what big bills are due for the month and taping it to the wall beside the budget. 

AUGUST 1st :

Basement ramp  J's bill . Paid, charged only for materials since there was issues with the labor's work. J gave estimate to do the two porches we have material on site for to do later this fall. The estimate for those are less than the money set back from the estimate he gave for the basement ramp. I will still have to do the painting unless I hire Amish ladies to come paint. 

Flex seal top of walls.

Basement ramp roof, Hubby is looking at ordering this later this month.

Tractor Repair, waiting for phone call to say it's done.

Fuel Tank pump bought on sale. In barn

Fuel Tank filled diesel (got estimate of price, waiting for propane to be paid off)

Items for low tunnels in gardens this fall. In and paid for bought on sale.

Seed Starting soil for this winter.(6 cubic feet) Ordered on sale

Vermiculite for garden boxes Hubby has a coupon that he can use after the 15th so getting at local store.

Liguid fertilizer for garden boxes Bought on sale.

Seeds for next year (actually 2 yrs is best.) Got half ordered and paid for. Found that getting some of my basic variety of seeds is like looking for wide mouth pints with lids. Hubby is in Holmes county Ohio today so he is stopping to see if the one greenhouse has it's catalog and has seeds I am looking for. 

Propane for coming heating season (I added summer fill also)Will order tomorrow and put on credit card so we get cash back.

Staying on budget so far. 

Blessed Be