Saturday, March 6, 2010

still hard but getting thru

It's still hard to be without Tashy. Still wake up in the middle of the night crying for her, over her, missing her bulk and warmth against me.She was my cuddler.I look inside my heart and know I placed hers above my own with letting her go.

Each day the memories are a little( okay, very little but I was a widow so I understand the cycles of grief) easier to handle.

Cookie our other dog was really struggling.She has always been part of the "pack" and being alone wasn't working for her.


I went to the shelter and found Sam .He is 4-6 yrs old and a sheltie.He has a bum leg/shoulder but that is okay with us. I have CP and hubby has issues walking too, so he fits right in since Cookie has seizures.

In some areas he slide right in, (didn't take long to remember where the treat cabinet is or when treats are given LOL).Other hand, he doesn't want to go out, I have to either carry him or take him by his collar even though we can tell he was an inside dog. Food is not safe left sitting anywhere he can get in including when I am carrying in the groceries( my other dogs never messed with the groceries)Lost steak this week.MY lesson learned.

He is a couch potato or a recliner guy take your pick. He is friendly but not a cuddler and prefers the couch to sleep on.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend

Blessed Be