Wednesday, March 24, 2021

AND it keeps on rolling

 Maybe it will all get through in March.

A elderly lady in our neighborhood died due to heart failure, she's been sick for a year now, all the kids here called her granny. All the kids took her flowers the morning before she died. So sweet.  

 Son2's hot water heater went out, can't be fixed. Was quoted $3000 for new tank  , $4000 for instant ready (which is really what he needs for that area). When he said he would have to get other quotes (know he is not going to shower at home but can at work) the guy offered $1900 with 50 gallon tank. He said he wasn't doing that and told the guy to leave. He called the company and reported the difference and prices and that the guy said he had to run new venting through the roof which we know is a lie as ours is vented with the furnace just like his is and why he wasn't going to use them or refer them to anyone at the base . OOPS not good to mess with the person that helps soldiers get help. He called another one and they were coming out to look. Did tell him the instant ready heater was $1100 and they confirmed since the furnace is over 80% efficient they could be vented together like the old one is. Mean time he is thankful his Momma insisted he have a stock pot. He has used it more than he ever thought he would. Now he is boiling water for washing dishes and going to the gym at work to shower.

The kitchen storm door handle broke, of course this is the door the dogs use... so that it was LOCKED. Good thing we have other doors as we couldn't get it open. Took an hour to get the handle off, mess with the latch and get the door to open. Checked 2 places to get a handle... ending up ordering at Amazon (used The Prudent Homemakers site). GEEZE.

We got our first covid shot. Hubby said he was sore. I have a bruise the smaller than a dime at the site and that is the only thing sore if I touch it. BUT side affect was we both were starving... 90 minutes from home... it was definitely buy something or I would get sick so we got Wendy's. Considering he finished eating (we sat in the parking lot as he doesn't like to eat and drive) a good 15 minutes before me I would say he was hungry and didn't acknowledge. Even though we both ate before leaving home 4 hrs. before.

We dropped our taxes off. Filling out the drop off forms was worse than gathering all of it up.  Our preparer was not there but another one was getting ready to go to lunch (one preparer at a time in the office) and said refunds would not be seen until summer, probably late summer. Good thing we don't ever count on it and really try to not give the gov't an interest free loan of our money.

My finance guy called to let me know it was a good time to sell some stock I had. I was getting my shot and by time I could call him he was out of the office getting HIS SHOT. LOL. Got a hold of him this morning and he was dealing with it as we spoke. Said in a way it was good timing as the cash acct I have was going to be used up in 2 months...that's what I am using to support Daughter 4.He said he had just priced nursing home costs and it was running around $15000/ month. Yep Daddy's was running a bit lower but a friend out of state said his mother in law's ASSISTED living was $15000 a month and it would be higher when she went to nursing home. That is $180,000 for one person. Average in a nursing home is 3 yrs. Assistant living can be higher and then they get moved about half the time to a nursing home due to needing more care. Yep glad we decide to make it this house "the old folks home".

Hubby told me last night he doesn't see Daughter 4 back to working full time to support herself until spring or summer of next year so to look at the budget and figure that in. It wasn't hard to do as it's my (Daddy's) IRA that is supporting her with my Social Security covering the odds and ends.

Rain, cold and wind today. High winds through the night. I am NOT going out to weed strawberries or the herb gardens.

Blessed Be.