Tuesday, April 13, 2010

taxes and food

Spring has sprung and right along with it the pollen. But still I can look at the blooms of flowers and know that with in a few weeks I will be planting containers of veggies

tax day will be here in a couple days.We had to file for an extension as a few pieces of important papers didn't get to us since we moved.I guess calling and telling them your new addy doesn't count as changing the address.

SO in that process knowing that we are going to be owing big time for the first time ever(I am not worried since pop already had to go this route and can hold our hands) and add on top of it other debts from our medical proceedures required by our ins but not paid in full for ( I think if it's required it should be pd for in full and not by my health fund) and back debt on the house we lost in foreclosure.Sore subject and not one I am getting into today.

money is going to be very tight.We don't qualify for bankruptcy under the new rules in OH and I am not really wanting to do a chapter 13 slow pay BUT I have pulled their figures for the budget they put you on to live on for the Ch 13.

I plan on Hubby working 40 hrs, he would be one of the last to be laid off if the plant shut down and he has a month's worth of vacation we can use for cash instead of time off if needed.BUt I am not working. Between clients moving, economy and my heart failure, work is pretty much not there.

Some areas we are doing great in, others I just wonder where the figures came from and then others I wonder where in the world I went to.

IN the kitchen I can cut costs so that is where I went to.Hubby watches Food Network, wants to try a recipe, I go for it.After all I am a Personal Chef. I think of some ingredients I want to mix up with some different spices, I go for it.After all I am a Personal Chef.That would be excusable but the reason I took the course thru USPCA to be a Personal Chef was to justify the spice and conditments in my pantry to begin with.

A few weeks ago I inventoried all the freezers( got rid of one deep freezer) and condensed down any thing that there was two of in the refrigerators( we have 2 and the landlord has one).When I get back to the house( I am out of state for 3 wks) I will inventory the pantry.I plan to use everything up and start fresh with the new harvest that will be coming in this summer.

The GOvt allownece for food in a ch 13 of our area is $537.00/month for 2

that is $17.70 /day for 2

breaks down to $8.85/ day for 1

breaks down to $2.95/meal for 1

It's going to be an interesting couple of yrs in my kitchen.

go out and enjoy the weather,

Blessed Be