Wednesday, January 11, 2023


 It's cold enough the "rain" coming in is very small snow that won't make a coating on the grass. Still Hubby insisted that I not be out in any "moist" weather with pneumonia going around. I understand the concern since awhile back I had 3 different pneumonias back to back including walking pneumonia through the winter. I was wanting to trim the blackberry and raspberry bushes. He was wanting to burn the asparagus ferns that are dead as we don't salt the ground of the asparagus like the Amish do.

Since it's going to be in the 40s and 50s today and tomorrow, we are letting the wood stove go out so I can clean it. It takes 4-6 hrs. to cool down enough for me to scrap the areas that ash and creosote gathers. We don't get much creosote as we use a chemical twice a week the helps prevent that from happening PLUS we have a gauge on the stove that warns us if the stove it dropping heat to that level or too hot. 

We would have been getting the 3rd winter fill of propane... we are still on the first so that is another savings of $600. So we have broke even with what we have spent on coal for the wood/coal stove... in fact we have part of next year's coal included in that since we picked up more. We would have to go to below 32 for 90 straight days to use the coal up. E told Hubby that he dragged 2-3 trees that are a bit small for his stove up to the equipment shed out of his woods thinking maybe we could use it for night wood. In exchanged Hubby is going after a thirty foot I Beam that E needs as they are expanding the kitchen tomorrow and will be finishing building the new wash aka laundry/ mudroom room in the spring. E told Hubby to NOT split them (like I said) to leave them ROUND as they would burn longer and to only use them at night or if we would be gone the whole day. That will be a cost next year, though E said if Hubby would bring his saw over when they were cutting wood next year he could have some wood for free. We will see as most times when they are cutting, he has hauling jobs.

Hubby has found himself snacking if we have a broth soup and asked for more stew like or a milk based soup or sandwiches with the soup instead of just a salad. I did offer a soup, salad and wrap as he eats more tortilla wraps instead of bread or buns.

I did finish up the spread sheet for Dec. We came in under budget by $306.50.

We have a few more left to come in for Jan. Usually by mid month all the bills are in. 

We started looking for a replacement for the truck (not work truck). I float between truck and SUV .