Monday, June 3, 2024

This week

 Hubby needed equipment to run drain tile correctly. He usually borrows from Amish. It was in use with a waiting list. I had him research what he could get and then check Amazon. He found it but told me to wait a week, in a week a friend of his that does constuction told him to change it to another brand that was just as good but cheaper. It was half price. 

We ordered security cameras. Besides security, one will be to show weather coming this way. Three times we have been hit with bad weather without warning. There are 3 radars from 3 locations, we are too far away and on down side of highest point in Ohio ( have micro climate) . This way we can see what the sky is looking like, Hubby can turn on Ham radio (he is VP of local Ham radio group) and check in with another group (that he used to belong to) west of us. I did tell him to set one so he can see the hummingbirds. UPDATE, we caught weak tornado forming on the camera that we had not been even alerted to tornado watch. We let our sheriff dept know it plus put it across the Ham radio.

Hubby loves Heinz 57 steak sauce. It's hard to find and we were told they were going to stop making it. Since he saved half the $$ on the equipment I found a case of it reasonable priced.That should last him at least 6 months. Mean time I found a recipe that is supposed to be close but I have to make raisin juice/puree. We grow grapes so I might let them go to raisins. I will be doing some testing to see if I can match it for him.

Hubby prefers Jiff peanut butter. He was down to the next to last jar. He priced it at local stores and they wanted over $5 for 12 oz. I found Jiff  natural for less than $4 for 16 oz. on Amazon.  I ordered 12, that will last him 6 months.

I froze snow peas, I froze more garlic scapes.

I froze large strawberries (strawberry grower down by kids lost half their crop due to rains "melting" the strawberries) and very small strawberries. We have had about 1/3rd "melt" due to rains and then hot weather. 

I canned 9 pints of strawberry jam. I pureed the strawberries and we decided we liked it better than just smashed or pieces. I have another pint of the "foam" and the extra to put with icecream and pancakes,waffles and French toast.  

I dehydrated more white rose petals and red rose petals for tea.

We went to chiro, dropped off donations, and then took Charlotte to vet (around the corner from chiro) for nail trim (takes 3 to cut her nails) and to get her meds for anixiety. She's had really bad anixiety even with just rain since the tornadoes hit Indian Lake. I also ordered her a Thundershirt as Vet is not thrilled with her on meds if the shirt will take care of the stress.We tried the meds Tuesday with the storm that went through. She still paced like crazy but wasn't drooling and panting. She calmed down faster also. Her "dog dad" wore a thundershirt, her "dog mom" had to take the meds. We got the thundershirt the morning before a storm. She did good (still some tremors) without the meds. She also woke me up in the middle of the night wanting it off... storm had passed and I think since she wasn't in the basement she was getting too warm.

Our Dairy Queen opened, it closed last year due to a car missing the curve and going through it. I got my "it's now summer" footlong coney


Hubby got a black raspberry blizzard. His "it's now summer". 

I finished harvesting the garlic scapes and the snow peas. Pulled the snow pea vines. I harvested more strawberries. 

Finished all 5 deep freezers of defrosting, inventoring and organizing. I found I was out completely some things and more than needed in others. I wrote out how many times they need to be on the table to bring that amount down.

I started cleaning, inventoring and organizing the 3 refrigerator freezers. RULE is now no leftovers put in without what it is and the date. SIGH. Hubby said he was sorry but he really couldn't remember what it was or when he put it in. Not a lot to toss but I did toss it. I also suggested he just put the leftovers in the frig and I would deal with them going to the freezers since I have a spot for leftovers to freezer so we use them up.

I updated the budget, still waiting on the propane costs for this coming winter. 

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity

Blessed be