Saturday, December 21, 2019

Talking about 2020

Yesterday was a good day as we are trying to be on the same page of next month being a NO spend with NO exceptions month and eat from the pantry * 80 % real food minimum. 

We were eating dinner of prime rib scrap I pulled from the fat I cooked, mixed with cooked onions and mushrooms and on sub buns from the freezer with odd and ends shredded cheeses. 

We talked about our 2020 goals

Both us working on the projects we have chosen from the punch list.

Both agreed we needed better routines of meal times and eating healthier ( Pantry challenge GOOD CHEAP EATS, real food reboot DON't WASTE THE CRUMBS)

Hubby want to lose 24 lbs this coming year.

Hubby is going to also focus on that his HOBBY does not need to over run him to the point he does not get his work at home done. Something I have heard E and his family bring up to him several times. They all understand he has work here that needs done and he just needs to say NO I CAN'T like they do.

I have chosen because I MUST focus on my health. I need to continue add foods back into my diet SLOWLY. I need to rebuild bone density through what I eat, exercise and yoga (new mat ordered as old mat worn out and slides). Hubby considers the mat as medical. I need to get back to the sinus rinse to lower issues with my allergies.  I will need a routine of exercising.

I need to finish designing the railing for deck to have herbs grow there. Wilbur pees on pots or will back up to do business in them SIGH. 

I need to finish working out the new garden plan which is closer to what I was doing on the old farm.

I need to do Swagbucks regularly to help pay for my Amazon Prime (is has saved us more than I pay for prime)

I need POST the laundry routine because I am tired of repeating it to Hubby. I will put it in his bathroom on the wall above his laundry cart.

I need to get a sewing/mending routine. I had mending routine until we moved my chair out of the front room and upstairs. I am going to take Mother's chair out of the bedroom and put it in front room where the Christmas tree is and set up a mending area there. I need to declutter the east loft to set up the sewing room. I can put the chair I always sat in at Daddy's in the bedroom.

I need a home blessing routine along with a decluttering routine ( DECLUTTER 365) 

I need to get out of my comfort zone and expand what I read (READING CHALLENGE)

Hubby brought up the budget for 2020 (yes I rolled my eyes but kept my mouth shut, easy to do when you are stuffing your face).

I had suggested we turn down the furnace when we leave for longer than an hour more than once. He agreed to that finally. 
He is gotten a lot better of turning off lights and unplugging the LED strand of lights over the kitchen sink that we use for a night light to see the door (and black dog) in the middle of the night in the mornings.

He finally quit opening the curtains at 5 am when he opened on in the front room on the north side and felt the cold coming through. I have insulated curtains up but still these old windows can only do so much. He does open the one dining room curtain so he can see the sun rise. 

I close the curtains around 4:45 just before dusk. 

We talked about making appts so we don't miss a meal and to eat before we leave for an afternoon appt so we aren't coming out hungry and 90 min from home. Next month he has 2 and I have 3 appts at times so there is not excuse to eat out or pick up pizza at the gas station.

He DECIDED we needed to set the grocery list.

I agreed because I already have a basic list I use but wondered where he was going with this. 

Then he DECIDED we would only go every 2 wks, which means some of the fresh produce he PREFERS won't be here at the end of the 2nd week.

He did acknowledge my GI wants me to eat a small amount  of fresh produce daily to get my digestive system used to it again. In Jan it will be to add more beans which will put my back on my diet I was on during remission years ago.I danced in the office.

I just kept letting him talk...

Then it was if I could make it at home, we were not to buy it...I opened my mouth ( with no food in it HA HA) 

I am NOT making cottage cheese, and any other cheese. I have done both.

I will make tortilla wraps (his go to for sandwiches) , bagels, (his) English muffins(both) rolls, loaf bread , yogurt, buttermilk (I have learned to let the powder sit for 30 min to over night when made to get it more like regular buttermilk) etc. I have enough pasta but can make noodles, ravioli,and lasagna noodle. I cook from scratch most the time anyways. Except brownie and cake mixes. 

 I will make granola bars at which he frowned because he likes store bought better because they are not sticky and travel nicer in a hot truck which made him realize he was eating several of them along with his lunch... which explains why he gained weight when he should have lost.

I have not made potato chips or tortilla chips but can. We decided to quit the potato chips and only have tortilla chips as we eat salsa and cheese dip with those.

He brought up sour cream. I have had iffy tries on that as the heavy cream is ultra pasteurized. We don't use it a lot so when needed we could buy it.I have used plain yogurt instead.

Since he said twice a month I decided to split what produce was being bought at a time.

What will be bought both times to the store

milk 2 gallons each time

half and half .I have made my own but ended up spending more on milk and heavy cream than I did on the half and half ... 1/2 gallon each time

heavy cream 1/2 gallon each time

cottage cheese. 3 each time

5 bananas each time

2 lbs white mushrooms each time

2 lbs portabella mushrooms each time

ONCE a month

2 bunches of green onions

2 packages of tri color bell peppers (I can't eat green)

1 head of cauliflower or 2 bags of pearl cauliflower

3 heads of broccoli

4 lbs of carrots 

2 bunches of celery

3 lbs of apples (instead of 6 lbs)

We will see how this goes along with the pantry challenge

I did ask his sister for her recipe for canning meatloaf and her recipe. Her boys use it for sandwiches on a regular bases.