Friday, November 17, 2023

When you get reminded of some funny things that happen at family holidays.

 Like the house catching on fire (no one hurt but enough damage) right before Halloween and we ended up with the spookiest house because the windows were black and looked like they had spider webs on them.

Same year, had Thanksgiving for 25, used church kitchen up the street. No one could believe we pulled it off but we did.

I made an Alabama Lane cake, went to move it from counter to table and it fell. Hubby caught it in the bowl he was getting for mashed potatoes. Ended up being Alabama Lane cake trifle. I cried over that one.

Deep fryer with turkey in it blew out at controls. Hubby kicked it out of Daughter 2's garage and saved the turkey. She said her garage smelled like turkey for months. No damage to garage or an cars.

Had Tday dinner outside as it was a great day, saw a couple next door and thought it was neighbors friends so invited them to share meal. Neighbor's thought they were kids friends, kids thought they were our friends... Not one of us knew them but it was the best of times. Never could figure out who there were. LOL

Daddy asking me where I got yellow cucumbers because he liked them as well as the green ones. He was eating raw yellow squash and zucchini. Yes we eat them raw. 

When Pop (stepdad) asked what I used to make the turkey moist but not mushy and I handed him a pint of homemade turkey broth that he helped me can. 

When Mother asked what was in the pinwheels... and it was tortilla wrap, cream cheese and diced bell peppers. 

BUT the part that still gets shared to this day... Is when someone will tell the grandkids (most are adults) to NOT SPOIL their dinner by eating from the veggie platter. Daughter 4 still can not live that one down. As she really did tell her kids to not eat from the veggie platter or they would spoil their dinner. Her husband at the time looked at her as she had lost her mind. LOL

What day is this?

 We are now marking off days like I did for my parents so we can keep track. 

I asked Hubby what day it was, his answer was 4.

I don't think so as we already had Veteran's day and Daughter 2's birthday. He laughed.

He thought I was asked what the day was to figure out how many prednisone and potassium tablets . I was to take which was 4 that day. Doc and told him to write it on the calendar since we both look daily at the calendar on the wall.

Hubby had voice therapy today, I had blood work.

I put away the stuff on my computer tray (that I never use for my computer) that sits at my rocker. I wiped all the tray. I put the pile of papers on the radio by my phone in the bill box where it belonged and wiped it off.

 I did my blog and started catching up on my National novel writer month of 50 K words by Nov 30th. 

I checked with Life Lock to make sure that was all up to date.

Ordered 2 prime rib roast, one for Christmas eve and one for the freezer.

I am not up to cooking. Lifting pots and pans is still a struggle but better.

I could actually give my phone number and social without looking today. Last Friday I was clueless.

Yesterday, Hubby stopped at Taco Bell's , not one of our normal places (would be mine) and got me 3 crunchy tacos for lunch and a Mexican pizza for supper. I took 2 potassium at lunch and 2 at supper. Today I go to 3 a day.  for 3 days and then it is 1 a day twice a day until a month..

I walked very slowly around the perimeter twice. It was a nice day. Hubby said it was nice to see me out of the bathroom and bedroom where I have basically lived for a week. 

We went for his voice therapy while I played where is my blood order? sitting at the hospital and it didn't help Doc's office was ran over with sick people and his head nurse aka his wife was the only one in besides him so she was slow getting back to me of the phone number she faxed it to.

I finally tracked it down (where Head nurse said she sent it and they said they didn't get it) and within two minutes watched the office manager walk the young lady that lied about getting it to the door.  Had 8 "vampires" what I call the blood takers LOL, trying to find a place to pull blood from...sigh. Finally the head boss found if she moved her thumb a certain way she could get to a good one and stuck me. 

We went through Mc D's and got a double cheeseburger for each, split small fries and I got a small ice tea as I had a headache. 

Got home, Hubby went back to town for groceries that I was not up to dealing with and he had to jump the truck to get it started twice. Replaced that battery, thinks there is a short in the  rear brake lights again (has happened twice now) and it drained it. Going to call about scheduling that to be checked. He picked up Special K, milk and 3 bags of mixed salad. 

Doc calls to tell me my potassium in not in the toilet (2.9) but hanging over the seat (3.4 LOL) and he would like it to be at 4 (with toilet lid shut). Magnesium is in normal range and he can't think what would cause the potassium to drop. I asked him if he had checked my B9, Folate? Total silence. No because I am past childbearing. I pointed out that just because I am past that doesn't mean it can't be the issue as I know from experience that drops my potassium. Has been added to my blood work on Tuesday even though we see him Wednesday. Means I can go to store and pick up a few things to get us through the holiday and decorating for Christmas and NOT on the day before the holiday. 

There is one thing I would never miss about the holidays. The kids start fighting with each other until I want to smash heads together. I blame Mother as she always felt she needed to start it right before the holidays. I am glad they are having meals with their kids (yes our house is big enough but they know they can't fight with each other within the length of our arms) So they are eating else where. Son 2 who just broke up with his lady due to her cheating is going to his biological aunt's for dinner as he is close to her boys he hasn't seen for a couple years. Son 1 is going south with some buddies as he is not seeing anyone.

 Hubby said he noticed that they didn't offer for us to come to eat and I laughed. They know full well they start fighting with each other in their own homes we will still smash heads. Until the day we die before that stops. Less stress for us as I would probably try to figure out how to eat with 4 different kids, couple of the grandkids are going to be with their other parents also. By Christmas things will calm back down. 

Hubby mentioned we had no place for putting puzzles together. I used to have a cardboard for the table and we would move it to the bfast bar. His Mom told him to quit doing them as he made 2 into pictures for her (framed etc.) so he stopped completely when she meant for her alone.   I ordered a puzzle table and some puzzles I think he would like, one I know I would like to do  for us as our Christmas gift to each other. I know I will have to change what I store on the bfast bar (beside clutter) so we can sit it there when using the table. It has drawers for the pieces so I won't have to keep gathering them up and putting them back in the box. Daughter 2 had one like this for years for her 4 boys(who fight with each other around the holidays also).

We are having pumpkin spice Special K for bfast

It's supposed to rain, soaker rain most the day but be warm. I have to clean the stove as the rest of the week is to be cold. Nice to have a couple days break of hauling wood

I am thinking beef stew for supper. I have canned beef, just turn broth into gravy, add carrots, onions and potatoes. Either bake bread or biscuits along with salad should be plenty. 

Best try to get some sleep. 

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be