Monday, July 10, 2023

Made today's to do list

 Told Hubby I wanted it written in some what of order of what needed done first.

He quickly started with 

3 cups of coffee and sitting with Charlotte on the kitchen porch. 

Laundry  and then dishwasher. 

I was really talking about black raspberries ( need to finish last 7 quarts of pie filling) red raspberries, golden raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. The "applesauce" apple tree needs picked as they are ready. I have red and golden beets, turnips, zucchini, Swiss chard, herbs, bolted lettuce and spinach to dehydrate, red cherry tomatoes to dehydrate, Hubby already took the onions we harvested to the barn to cure. We found some huge black radishes when pulling pea vines (got enough of peas and snow peas we won't have to grow any this fall) If they are pithy I will cut them into dices and dehydrate them. Works well in soups etc. Might fry some as that works also when pitchy.

I am behind on starting seeds for plants for fall planting. Have to get that started this week. I need to sort through the seeds for what I am planting (plants and seeds) and then list what needs ordered for next year. I would like to grow more head lettuce that leaf lettuce. But small heads so I am thinking bibb lettuce. 

Hubby had already dealt with the onions when I took these. They are in half bushel baskets. 

To the porch for Charlotte time LOL