Sunday, July 12, 2020

Second week of July ..14 days before we got any rain.

We started this week with a text from Brother at 10:30 at night to call the nursing home and make arrangements to say good bye to Daddy.Was only allowed a few minutes one at a time. I had already said good bye when I saw him in March but went again.. Always hoped he would go in his sleep... HE IS STILL ALIVE... getting worse every day but still alive with no help from medical.  Daddy always said he didn't want to linger... but that's exactly what he is doing.

Hubby's parents came to visit, had cabin fever and was a bit upset Hubby made them sit 6 ft away from us in OUR home. He made them wash their hands as soon as they came in also. He sprayed disinfectant and cleaned where they sat and the bathroom they used was the one he uses instead of mine. They said they had only been to the doctors(his mother fell and she has blisters on her eyes) and grocery. For some reason they thought no one was dying of Covid in our state (Ohio) and that it had pretty much ran it's course. Hubby contacted his 3 siblings about it. Big concern as we know they have some dementia also. Sister texted the next day and said the parents made her wash her hands when she came in and sit 6 ft from them because Hubby (who is an EMT) told them that was how it was to be...she's a nurse and she backed us up. She did take them to be tested for Covid, tests came back negative.SIGH OF RELIEF. 

M gave me 4 large zucchinis. I am going to dehydrate most of it , put a small amount in the freezer and have some for deep fried zucchini. 

I put 18 trays in the dehydrators of herbs. Will probably be the last of them as they are burning up even with watering daily. I also dehydrated a mixture of greens to blend into powder when I get finished with the rest of the greens.

I picked the last of the purple pod beans and most of the lettuce. Might get one or two more small salads of lettuce. I have one batch that I am waiting for it to bolt and produce seeds. 

I have dried clothes on the lines, Hubby has chose to wear wrinkled shirts instead of me running the dryer or turning on the iron. Said they absorb sweat better when not ironed and didn't figure I needed to turn the dryer on.

I bought some new slips from Amazon that Brandy over at The Prudent Homemaker recommended... LOVE LOVE LOVE even working in 90 plus heat they didn't stick to me like nylon does. 

I cut the last of the red kale, it's in the dehydrator now(Thursday).

I put dried milk on the tomato plants to fight bottom blossom rot. I am now out of dried milk.