Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Frugal week

  We are sticking to our budget except for medical. Hubby's blood work bill just got in (just in time to get blood work again) and we had hour hearing tests. Hubby needs hearing aids (we figured he would). We were going to use our cash back card but the owner(small business in our area) gave us 5% discount if we paid by check and we could make payments, he just would not get the hearing aids until paid in full. I paid it out of my account (which is not in the budget but I've left Daddy's ins in it for just this bill and the basement instead of pulling for savings). It was $2660.50, based on his hearing loss, Bluetooth  and under warranty for 3 yrs with repairs possible instead of auto replacement like some places do. The doctor also let Hubby know he mumbles and twice did not even move his mouth when Hubby thought he answered. Glad to see I am not the only one he does that to. 

Hubby got fuel saving 50 cents/gal because he drove around the block due to an accident and realized the other gas station was cheaper. 

We went to Walmart after the hearing appts and got 50 lbs. of sugar. I was down 100 lbs. between us and M.( M sent 50 lbs. over last night)  I also picked up some ingredients for some dishes I want to try before I take them to a friends' annual cook out . It's been 2 yrs since we have seen them. There will be about 20 of us. Friends are providing the main dish. Their older son usually helps in that also. 

We didn't eat out like we usually do on Tuesdays. We had some leftovers with lettuce from the gardens.

Electric bill came in $19 under budget. 

IF we can make it 10 more weeks before needing the propane filled (water heater/cook stove is propane besides furnace) we will save around $550. We both checked the gauge which is at 50% on the tank. Refill is at 30% (or our stove has issues when it drops below that) SO I focus on not using more than 2 % a week. Since I am canning , I am using the air fryer or grill for our meals. Microwave if a reheat or veggie. Air fryer heats up the surrounding area by 10 degrees so it's in the mudroom away from the thermostat and where we are NOT much in. 

I started processing the garlic that had cured. Bulbs that are not going to hold will be dehydrated this probably starting on Sunday as that is when we aren't suppose to get rain and I dehydrate onions and garlic OUTSIDE..onion smell would make dogs sick and I don't want my house to smell like either for weeks. I use my oldest dehydrator for this. 

Blackberries and purple beans are going on. I hope the scarlet runner beans start making beans this week also. 

E talked( he blasted according to M) to his brother in law J whose workers had built the support for the concrete for the basement ramp. J asked for Hubby to stop over after 7 this week as E made it clear the work done was poor and because of that the finish of the concrete was not like is should have been. Several areas will need concrete to smooth it out. I would like J to come over and refinish it himself. Hubby wants to just do it himself and no pay for the work that was done. I told him time was money and then to pay E or J if he is doing it himself...NO workers. I know Hubby has tremors and that isn't good with doing finish concrete.

Weather wise... chance of rain every day... but only get it maybe every 3rd day and then barely enough.

Blessed Be Everyone