Wednesday, June 14, 2023

What we are doing....

 Waking up at 12:30 A.M. to the rain hammering the side of the house. Apparently Hubby was already up with Charlotte and the coffee pots had been turned on. They of course as of now  are sound to sleep.

Books I have read in past 2 wks.

Alzheimer's Disease What if There Was a Cure by Mary T. Newport. MD

I really liked this book... some of it we did with Daddy I am using a slow approach with the diet changes more for me as it can easily trigger my Crohn's. Since I am adding the coconut oil to the cooking. Hubby doesn't like coconut but since he can't taste it (it has no coconut taste), he is okay with me adding it to our diet.  Next month I will add MCT oil. The following month I will add coQ10. 

He said something to the one Amish gentleman and was told that the MIL is on all 3 of those along with eating spicy foods to help keep her metabolism up.  

The End of Alzheimer's Program By Dale E. Bredesen, MD 

I have not started this book but was suggested by grandson's MIL who is a nurse in neurology.

Eat to Beat the Disease by William W. LI MD 

Couple of the kids suggested this. Daughter 4 has done some of it for her cancers . I am also using it for my Crohn's. It's set up that I can make small changes as we go. Hubby was okay with trying this some especially if he doesn't have to acknowledge the change. He is his father's child.

Eat to Beat Your Diet by William W. LI MD

This is more of your metabolism. It's broke down by weeks and it is a strict diet. I am not sure with the work we do that it is a doable diet even for 2 weeks as it takes meat out completely and only has beans (which I can not eat daily). I will talk it over with our Primary when we see him.

Hubby copped an attitude with me over exercise. Neurologist said 1 hour each day, at least 10,000 steps. He is getting 5000 and forget even trying to get him to do stomach vacuum exercises (suck your gut in and hold it to the count of 20. Do 3 rounds, 3 times a day , second week go to count of 40 and third week count of 60) Son2 did these when he was having issues and needed to deal with it quickly to remain in Army as he only had 1 more year until retirement at that time. I don't worry about him lifting weights or anything like that. You can't cut, stack and haul fire wood without that type of exercise and he's dealing with the wood 3 times a week at least and moving dirt bags of 2 cu ft. around after putting in the new strawberry beds.

I am doing the same exercise and same diet... it's not like he is alone in this.

 I asked him why he wasn't doing a simple exercise that he could do sitting at his computer.  His answer was that I was making him sound stupid for not doing them. So I called our primary, who is also a long time friend of Hubby's and had Hubby tell him about why he wasn't doing the simple exercise. When he got to the part I was making him sound stupid for not doing it...Doc told him he pretty much was correct he was sounding stupid. Do the blasted exercises.  I did NOT laugh (while he could hear me). If Doc has said, don't worry about it or it's okay I would not have pushed it. While Doc had him on the phone, he asked Hubby if he had gotten his Plan D yet. Nope that's Thursday, but did tell Doc he was doing straight Medicare with AARP supplement and a Plan D. He found 2 that would fit where we live and what he takes but wanted to get advise on it. Doc thought that was a good plan. 

( Computer is whacky this morning so it's highlighting in white for some reason)

He did replace the north steps to the kitchen porch, he wants to wait for a couple weeks before tweaking them as right now they have a slight rock when you step off them towards the house. The old ones had the same but I had put a shim under the one side and fixed it. The south steps on that porch will take 2-3 days if not longer as he will have to level the area first to do as of right now it's been railroad ties and concrete blocks for 5 yrs.

He was on the way to the mail box and sent me this. The day before he had pointed out that there was buds only on the zucchini. He was amazed that in 1 day with the rain they had bloomed and the one zucchini was the size on his little finger.

The peas (left side) are starting to fill out... they have "draped" over the leaf lettuce and the radishes are on the right side. He was excited we might have peas this week as we usually have peas in May. I've has a few snow peas to add to meals but not enough to be a side dish.

He figures Friday both of us will be in the gardens, weeding and harvesting and he will be mowing. Saturday will be finish what ever up and Sunday we go to his sister's son's graduation party and will see his dad there for Father's day. 

Charlotte is up... wanting out until she realizes it is still raining LOL

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace